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I took the boys to see Santa at Northpark just as we have done for the past five or so years. William was really cute and said he wasn’t sure what he wanted Santa to bring him…that is until he walked in the Disney store and fell in love with a set of Lightning McQueen die cast cars. Miguel has known for a few months that he wants a Ferrari car for his iPod touch. I hope Santa is listening. After their time with Santa, we went to see the trains. They enjoyed following the trains around, but it was the exact same as last year. I don’t know why they don’t update the exhibit for each holiday season. Afterwards, we did a bit of shopping and had dinner together. It was such a fun afternoon with my sweet boys.


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In keeping with the tradition of painting a birthday canvas, William created his masterpiece a couple of weeks ago. William goes to art class once a week at Art Stop, and enjoys having a creative outlet for expressing himself. I am very happy he has ceased using my kitchen cabinets as his preferred medium.

The only direction I ever give the boys when they are getting ready to paint their birthday canvas is to have fun and paint whatever you want or is important to you. William was very detailed in his directives to me on what colors paint he wanted. He worked diligently for close to 30 minutes experimenting with mixing colors and blending on his canvas.

Once he said he was done, I asked him to tell me about his artwork. He looked at me and said, “It’s William’s art. I am done.”





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Miguel and William had originally wanted to be ketchup and mustard bottles for Halloween this year, but they ended up choosing Scooby (Miguel) and Buzz (William). We had a great time trick or treating with friends in their neighborhood, and the boys came away with way too much chocolate. 012




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William turned four years old on October 10th. We celebrated with a quiet family birthday party in Dallas and lots of presents. I made a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom cake to William’s exact specifications since adores the CCBB book and knows the entire thing by heart.

William at four years old:

Loves: Cars, trucks, trains, ambulances and fire trucks; enjoys playing outside and zooming down the driveway on his balance bike; snuggles with Mommy and giving Mommy instructions; writing the letters of the alphabet; playing with sidewalk chalk; french fries and chocolate milk

Dislikes: All fruit and vegetables; being scared by his brother; the dark; not getting his way



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Miguel started Kindergarten at The Westwood School last week. He is loving the Montessori environment and his teachers. My precious baby boy is a KINDERGARTENER!

1st day of Kindergarten, Aug 2012 027

1st day of Kindergarten, Aug 2012 007

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This summer Miguel and William are attending Camp Mommy. I’ve always enjoyed planning fun activities for us, and after looking at the price of camps x2 I decided it would be more fun (and less expensive) to be the sole person responsible for the boys’ entertainment. I “splurged” on our usual summer swim membership at The Verandah Club, and honestly it was the best money I could have spent because we are there almost every afternoon.

We started summer off with a bang! We travelled with Miguel’s entire family to Miami for a Carnival cruise over Memorial Day weekend, came home to Dallas and Sweetie came to visit for five days, and then Miguel and I took the boys to Aruba for a week. Aruba was a huge hit and is my favorite island by far to visit. Pictures of our Aruba trip will be coming!

I’ve compiled (it’s a work in progress) a list of places I want to visit with the boys this summer….Our Bucket List!

Boy Scout museum---Done!

Ham’s Orchard

Dallas Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo

Fort Worth Children’s Museum

McKinney Avenue Trolley

Frisco’s SciTech Museum

Pump It Up

Miniature Golf


Forth Worth's Currency Facility Tour

Fort Worth Stockyards

So far, this summer, the boys went on their first cruise, travelled to Aruba, spent countless hours at the pool, watched Madagascar 3, visited the Boy Scout museum, baked monster cookies, re-discovered the joys of playdoh, and had a few play dates with friends.

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We joined Miguel’s entire family for a short cruise over Memorial Day weekend. It was a chance for everyone to visit and meet a couple of the younger cousins who have made their debut since our last family reunion in May 2007. The cruise was fun, but I think it will be a long while before Miguel and I cruise again with the boys. 

The whole gang minus one baby niece


Me with my boys


All the boys’ first cousins (minus the one baby cousin)





Singing karaoke…their favorite activity on the boat


**Keep scrolling because I’m playing catch up…multiple posts :)

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Miguel and I went along with his best friend and her mother to the opening of the Magic School Bus exhibit at MNS. It was a fun event with a story told by Mrs. Frizzle herself! Miguel and his BFF enjoyed playing all the weather related games and getting their face painted.





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Mass, egg hunt in our front yard, crawfish fettuccine for lunch with friends, and lots of chocolate all made for a wonderful Easter

Easter 2012 017

Easter 2012 011

Easter 2012 005

Easter 2012 001

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I’ve been bad at taking photos since Christmas plus I got a new tablet PC and have been using that way more than my laptop. Anyway, just a bunch of excuses. I need to step up my game on taking photos of the boys. It was an eye opening experience to have to send a family photo with the kindergarten application to the school we really want Miguel to attend in the fall, and I couldn’t find a recent one of the four of us together. All the photos are of the boys and none with me (hi, I’m the one taking the photos) and a few with the husband.

My goals are to get back on track with blogging our adventures, and there will be many in the next few months and to get IN the photos with my boys and husband.

Random photos from Jan-Feb 2012: