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Wouldn't ya' freaking know, today of all days Miguel decides to get sick again. We have been battling a clear runny nose and cough for almost a month. We went to see Dr. Kennedy last week and it turned out Miguel had a sinus infection and ear infection, so we started on Amoxil and Zyrtec for suspected allergies. He seemed to be doing much better. Never ran fever, runny nose and cough disappeared, and I became a pro at hiding the antibiotic in whatever he was eating.

We were bummed out last week that I had to re-schedule his one year photos and family session...yes, I am aware he is almost 14 months old, but we were waiting for him to walk...with Jen. After once again juggling schedules, we decided on his photo session tomorrow morning...the clothes were picked out, cleaned, iron and ready to go. Best laid plans. Miguel woke up from his nap this afternoon with 102 fever and a clear runny nose. So instead of meeting Jen tomorrow morning for our session at Prather Park, we are heading to the pediatrician's office to see what is going on with Miguel. Oh, and let me add that we are flying to Baton Rouge on Sunday for the week. Fun times, let me tell you. Fun times.

We did manage to have fun this morning. Miguelito likes to put the colander on his head and run around (see photo) and we squeezed in a visit to Curtis Park in University Park.


Colander hat and an XBOX 360 controller...what more can a little boy ask for?

This is my mean face. If you tell Daddy, I was playing with the XBOX controller I will scream LOUD!


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One of Miguel's great pleasures in life is to run to the refrigerator when I open it and try to grab something out of it before I can close it. He usually grabs an egg and promptly squeezes it in his hand or throws it on the floor, but today an apple caught his eye.

He grabbed the apple and started chomping away. I tried to get it from him to at least wash it and peel a bit of the skin away, but he would have nothing of it. So, in my effort to avert temper tantrum number 1,256,791 for the day I did what any mommy would and gave it right back to him and ran for my camera.


Look what I have Mommy!


Just try and take my apple from me again and see what happens...


Who can resist a face like that?!?!

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I am finally back online after what seemed like an eternity without a laptop. I am now the proud owner of a Dell XPS M1330 laptop with all the bells and whistles. Honestly, what did we do before computers and the internet?!?!

Lots has happened since my little hiatus from blogging, so let me give you the quick run down. Miguelito is pretty much sleeping through the night now except for a brief wake up because his pacifier is lost (even though he has 3 in the crib) and he needs a hug, Miguel flew to Phoenix to teach a Sharepoint class to a bunch of wannabe uber geeks, my mom aka Sweetie flew to Dallas to visit with Miguelito and me, Miguelito's runny nose turned into a hacking cough, sinus infection and ear infection, shopped for the perfect outfits for our family photo session I had to cancel our family photo session with Jen for last weekend, multiple emails to Miguel while attempting to re-schedule said photo session, Miguel flew home, Sweetie flew back home to Baton Rouge, and Miguelito learned how to give us a cheeseburger smile, which has yet to be captured on camera.

So, I am back and everyone is caught up on my life with dos Miguels!

Here is Sweetie and Miguel:

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The baker has no bread, the cobbler has no shoes and the computer geek's wife has no computer. My laptop died a very sad death while Miguel was in Phoenix last week. A hardware failure complete with the blue screen of death.

I won't mention the fact that I have been begging him to set up my new laptop that has been in his office since, oh, Christmas time because I knew something wasn't right with my laptop. He blamed it on operator error....umm, I think not! ;)

Needless to say, Miguel will not get a moment's rest or peace and quiet due to my constant nagging until my new laptop is up and running. So I apologize for the unintentional break from blogging. I have lots to say and photos to add once I am up and running again.
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I do not think I have gotten 4 consecutive hours of sleep since Miguel was born....until last night! He went to sleep around 7:45p and woke up at 6:30a to breastfeed and fell back asleep for another 20 minutes before getting up for the day. HALLELUJAH! Everyone sing with me...HHAAAALLLEEEELLLLUUUUJJJJJAAAAHHHHHHHH!

So, anyone willing to place a few bets on whether or not a repeat performance will occur tonight?!?! ;)

Oh, please sweet little sleep fairy smile on me and let this be the beginning of a wonderous time in my life with sleep.
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I have to brag on Miguelito today! We have been taking Mommy and Me swim classes once a week at Emler Swim School since he was 7 months old. It is a fun class with lots of singing and playing while working on skills to become independent and safe in the water.

Onto the brag...each class Miguelito gets to hang out on barbell floaties while I try to get he to float/balance without much help. Today, Miguelito decided to stick his face in the water and blow bubbles! It was adorable and amazing to see him start putting together all the skills we have been working on for so long. Way to go, Miguel!

I have not been able to get any photos of him in swim class since I am alone with him, so a photo of him playing in the pool at the Marriott's Beach Club in St Kitts in Dec 2007 will have to do. He was in love love love with the water fountain in the pool!

Happy Valentine's Day! Miguel and I decided we are going to start a new family tradition and celebrate Valentine's Day at home with Miguelito from this year on. I am going to break out the fine china, cook a delicious meal and serve it by will be our Romantic Family Valentine's Dinner Date.

Well, this year there was no fine china or candlelight, but I did manage to cook dinner and a dessert before Miguelito decided he was done. done. done. Oh, well...there is always next year!

Miguel and I exchanged cards, and gave Miguelito his card and Valentine's book. Nonnie (my maternal grandmother) sent Miguel a card and an adorable dog that shakes and wiggles his ears and asks for a hug. Miguelito was not quite sure what to think of the dog at first, but now they are best buds. Of course, Miguelito was not into posing for a photo, so this is the best of the bunch I took.

Checking out the doggie

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Miguel loves bathtime! He has always enjoyed the water. I like to think it is because he took a bath with me every evening until he was 7 months old, so he was accustom to being submerged up to his neck in warm water.

Given our recent picture taking woes, I thought I would try and capture a few of him tonight in the bathtub while he was occupied playing with toys and attempting to splash all the water out of the tub.

Playing with Sammy the Starfish, a bathtime favorite

Look at those eyes!

Splash, splash, splash...Mommy are you soaked yet?

Happy boy!

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After chatting with Miguel tonight, who is currently in San Jose, California attending a Microsoft Office System Developer Conference (the ultimate in geekdom), I had to call him back for help with the blog. I have always wondered how you were able to put a link to something in your blog using a word or phrase versus the link itself. Clear as mud, huh? ;)

Anyway, after attempting quite a few times I gave up and called my resident computer guru and admitted defeat. Of course, he was able to tell me how to do it without a second thought all the while I am sure trying not to laugh at me. So it works and we hang up after a few I love yous and I miss yous then the trouble begins when I click Publish Post.

Where are the darn underlined words alerting blog readers to the cool little link thingy that they can click on? If you scroll over it, it is there and it is appearing in the preview of the blog post, but instantly vanishes once published. After a more attempts to solve the issue than I care to admit and a few choice words I concede to defeat, so the PSA is click on the words in bold for cool links. ;)
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I finally remembered to re-charge the battery for my camera and decided I would try to take a few photos of Miguelito. Try meaning sneak up on him while he is doing something utterly adorable, which he does every single day, and snap a few photos while he is unaware of the camera because once he sees the camera the photo taking is over. done. fini.

One of Miguelito favorite activities is to take things out of something and then put them back in and then take them out again and move onto to the next eye catching thing leaving the mess for Mommy to clean up. Today he decided he needed to take all the books out of the basket, but as he took a book out he would flip through a few pages and then move onto the next book. It was as if he was looking for something interesting to read. Adorable.

Being the sneaky Mommy I am, I walked as quietly as possible to the kitchen to retrieve the camera and then steathly snuck up on him to take a photo of above said utterly adorable thing. Unfortunately, he has impeccable hearing...must of gotten that trait from me because Miguel numero uno certainly doesn't hear that well or maybe he just ignores me, but I digress...and he heard me take the lens cover off and came right over to me to inspect the camera (see exhibit A).

Exhibit A

Of course, he decided he was not close enough and it was not enough to just look at the camera, but he needed to touch it (see exhibit B).

Exhibit B

After playing with the camera for a few minutes I convince him to let me take a few photos of him, which mainly consist of portions of his head as he bobs and weaves his way to the camera and the ever dangling lens cap. (see exhibit C) I quite often miss the "good" shots because the shutter speed is slow and it takes the camera a little too long to write to the CF card thus missing the next photo op. <---this last statement is added to make Miguel numero uno feel guilty about all those missed photos and hopefully convince him that I need a new camera. Did it work? ;)

Exhibit C

Things quickly escalated into a full on meltdown mode with the usual ending photo of Miguelito throwing a fit...most certainly a trait from Miguel numero uno because everyone knows Mommy is a perfect angel again, I digress. The cause of the meltdown was because I would not let him lick the camera lens. Mean Mommy. see exhibit D

All I can say is may the force be with you, Jen Weintraub, for our family photo session in two weeks.
Exhibit D

Sneaky Mommy hid the camera behind the pillows on the couch and waited for the next opportunity to subject Miguelito to a little camera torture. A little later in the evening Miguelito had long forgotten about the camera and came toddling down the hallway holding a water bottle and I was able to snap one photo before he came running to the camera (see exhibit E). Ahhh! Round Two goes to Mommy!

Exhibit E
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Happy Birthday, Papa T!

Mommy, Daddy and I hope your birthday was spectacular. We wish you good health, love and happiness in the coming year. By the way, Mommy tried to take a photo of me today for you, but she said I was not cooperating (whatever that means) and then the camera battery died, so Mommy gave up.

Love you, Miguelito

This is me enjoying ice cream on my 1st birthday!