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Baby Wood v2.0 is really kicking my rear! I am nauseated and so exhausted. The nausea comes and goes with no rhyme or reason. Sometimes if I eat a bite or two it goes away and other times not so much. I have never known exhaustion like this. I have worked 12 hour night shifts, 16 hr doubles, stayed awake for close to 30 hours and I don't remember feeling this tired. I am hopeful that it passes soon since the lima bean will be 11w on Tuesday.

In other news, the worrying is no less when it is the second time around. I ended up buying (yes, you read that right) a medical grade doppler from Baby Beat, so we can listen to the lima bean whenever we want. Miguel (aka Dr Wood) attempted to find the bean's heartbeat the other night, but we were not completely successful. I am guessing that my uterus is still too far down in my pelvic cavity. In another week or so, we should be able to hear the bean loud and clear, and what a wonderful reassurance that will be.

Nighty night...this pregnant mommy is tired. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

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Baby Miguel 028

Miguel numero dos a year ago.

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There are a few things that I have been wanting to accomplish for a long time, but wouldn't you know, taking care of the dos Miguels and everything really puts a crimp on a girl's plans sometimes.

I am making a few pregnancy resolutions before y'all out in blogger goes:

1. I will finish the task of cleaning out our master bedroom closet.

2. I will clean out the closet under the stairs of all my "old school" scrapbook supplies and finally make the switch to the digital world of scrapping.

3. I will go through all my Christmas decorations and find a new home for some of them.

4. I will clean out the few boxes in the garage and either throw away or donate what is not needed.

5. As I clean out, I will not be sentimental or think "but what if" I will find another home for whatever the item is in question, and if the time should arise that I need the above said object I will buy a new one.

To my credit over the past two days, Miguelito and I have cleaned out a few kitchen cabinets and another cabinet in my bathroom. He is really good with throwing things away for Mommy then picking them out of the garbage can to play with and leaving them on the floor for Mommy to clean up yet again. Oh, and my sweet husband better watch out because his office is on my hit list.

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Poor Miguelito.

Here's a rundown of our day:

Woke up with swollen green matted yucky eyes...nope, not pink eye.

Visit to Dr Kennedy instead of swim class

Sinus infection coming through his eyes.

Tonsillitis and fluid in both ears

Dropped a can of beans on his toe

Climbed over the ottoman barricade at the bottom of the stairs and made it all the way to the top with record breaking speed (yeah for Miguelito, very bad for Mommy)

Found a bottle of lotion and smeared some into the carpet in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom

Fell backwards off Mommy and Daddy's bed tonight and landed with a thud...he's okay, Mommy's heart skipped a beat and Daddy blamed himself

Probably going to have to cancel his 12 month photo session (yeah, I know, he will be 15 months here shortly) with Jen again uggghhhhh!

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Miguelito has been a challenge to feed since we embarked on the whole solid food journey beginning when he was around 6 months old. He is a boob man and is still a boob man although his days are numbered much to his chagrin.

I am always trying to come up with new and interesting things for Miguel to eat. He is difficult to please, though. He prefers to dine, so mealtimes at our house take anywhere from 45mins to an hour. He gets that from Nonnie because she likes to dine as well. What he loves one day is what he really hates the next, so that is always fun for Mommy. Meals tend to have a wide variety of offerings since he likes 5-10 bites of one thing and then is ready for the next item on the menu.

You must take care in not putting too much on his tray because it will end up on the floor no matter how hungry he is. For fun, he likes to throw his sippy cup at Mommy. Oh, my son, my son.

Today I decided to make Cornbread Taco Mini Muffins. He really likes anything he can eat independently and he prefers if you give him the whole piece of whatever it is he is eating, so mini muffins are a great solution.

One of my Mommy friends makes something similar for her children, so I thought what the heck let's see if Miguelito likes it.

I took one box of Jiffy Cornbread Muffin mix, 1 egg, 1/3 cup of organic whole milk, about 1/2 pound of ground meat browned with taco seasoning, and 2 handfuls of shredded sharp cheese. Mixed it together then put by teaspoonfuls into a mini muffin pan. Baked at 375 for about 15-18 minutes. Made 24 mini muffins, but Miguelito insisted on having one fresh from the oven! It was a winner....he loved it! Score one for Mommy!


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Shocker of the day....Miguelito was not cooperating for photos because he wanted the camera! He is something else and pretty darn difficult to take a photo of these days.

Tearing into the Crayola markers

Counting the eggs

Oops, picture time is over. Must. get. camera.

Miguelito had an Easter basket with a few eggs filled with jelly beans, a marshmallow egg, a small beach ball, silly putty, a couple of small balls to throw at Mommy, Crayola toddler stampers, markers, a couple of books, and playdoh.

He has eaten way too much sugar today, but that is what holidays and being a child are all about, right!?!?

Tonight he managed to drop one of the eggs filled with jelly beans and the jelly beans went everywhere. I quickly tried to pick them all up, but he managed to shove about 5 in his mouth and grab another handful, which he stashed somewhere in the living room. I thought that I had discovered his stash under the couch, but he kept reappearing with another one in his mouth! He is such a hoot.

Happy Easter to all of our family and friends!


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Baby Wood v2.0 made his/her debut on ultrasound at our 8w OB appointment. I was finally able to install the drivers for the scanner after sweet talking my laptop and scanner into cooperating for the nauseated pregnant woman who really needs a nap right now. ;)

Without further ado, here are the ultrasound photos of our sweet lima bean!


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I took Miguel to Northpark Center to have his photo taken with the live Easter bunnies. The wait was long (more than 2 hours), but friends met us and we shopped, had lunch, and then went back to wait for our turn with the bunnies. Miguel was quite funny and enjoyed all the silly faces the photographer made, so it was hard to pick just one photo. See that basket of wooden eggs...yep, my son thought it would be fun to throw a few at the photographer!

Photo by Marc Robins

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Let me explain...if you don't speak computer-ese, then Baby Wood v2.0 doesn't make sense to you. Baby Wood version 2.0 is what it means. Get it now?!?! I am a computer geek wannabe who lives with the uber geek of computers, so, of course, we think the moniker Baby Wood v2.0 is adorably cute. ;)

We had our first OB appointment with Dr. Tara Dullye on Friday, 14 March. Miguel and I were beyond excited, but also a little nervous. I was in desparate need of re-assurance that the little one was growing and doing just fine. We met with Dr. Dullye, who we simply adore, in her office before going to the exam room. We went over the basics, but since we just did all this 14 months ago, we did not have many questions and we ended up chatting about babies (she has 4 children) and life. Plus she told us she will more than likely be in Disney World for my due date, 21 October. I am pretty dead set on having Dr Dullye at the birth, so we might consider an induction if things look favorable. Who knows what will happen between now and then, so we will wait until much closer to decide what to do.

After chatting for a bit, we went to the exam room for an ultrasound and the usual stuff. The ultrasound was amazing. The sac looks great, the little bean was floating around with a fast beating heart (165 bpm) and measured right on. Miguel and I just stared at the screen in awe! Dr Dullye is pretty amazing...she sees pregnant woman all day every day and she was genuinely excited to see our little one on ultrasound and just kept saying...isn't he/she so cute!

After the ultrasound and exam, we headed to the lab so I could give my donation of 5 tubes of blood.

Our next appointment is at 12w when we will do another ultrasound for genetic screening and listen for heart tones via doppler.

I do have two ultrasound photos to post, but for some reason (not operator, I am positive) I can't get the drivers for the scanner to upload to my laptop, so it will have to wait for now.

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Miguel thought is would be a good idea to pull all his toys out of the basket and then attempt to climb in. With a little help from Mommy, mission accomplished! He really liked being pushed in the basket all over Sweetie and Papa T's living room floor.