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My mom gave me the recipe and I am not sure where she got it from, but it is the best recipe ever.

3 medium ripe bananas

1 1/2 cups white sugar

2 eggs

1 cup melted butter

1 1/4 cups buttermilk

1/2 tsp. salt

1 tsp. baking soda

2 cups flour

1 tsp. vanilla

1 cup chopped pecans

Mash bananas and mix all ingredients in order given. Pour into 2 greased loaf pans. Bake for one hour at 350.

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What a week it was! Music class at SMU, 2 playgroups, one lost sandal, one found got left at Jamie's house after playgroup, swim class, Daddy went to Cincinnati for work stuff, shopping at Northpark, and, of course, the usual errands. Whew!

I think the week took a toll on me, though, because I started bleeding/spotting again. I was really hoping the placenta previa was resolving, but it seems it is not. I will hopefully know if the placenta has moved at all at my next OB appointment because my OB is going to do another ultrasound. Today, I tried to stay off my feet as much as possible. After Miguel numero uno and Miguel numero dos took a nap they ran a few errands and were gone a few hours, so I was able to rest, do a few things around the house, and enjoy the quiet for a change.

One of my favorite times of the day with Miguelito is bath time and bed time. I love the squeaky clean smell of a freshly bathed baby. He has always had a bedtime routine, which is bath, get dressed, nurse and rock while listening to lullabies then I would put him down in his crib for bed. Well, now he is weaned (as of two weeks ago), so he gets a bottle instead of nursing. I love the time after he has finished his bottle when he is sleepy, but still awake. He is so cuddly and will lay on my chest while being rocked. Usually he will pick up his head and look at me and smile. Lately, he has been giving me a "kiss kiss" too. My little man certainly knows how to melt his mother's heart, and get another few minutes of rocking time out of it too.

TekFocus is in for a special treat tomorrow morning. I am making my famous Banana Nut Bread tonight. I can't tell you how many times I have made Banana Nut Bread, but I never get tired of it and I could eat the whole loaf myself. It gets better the second day if that is possible. I will post the recipe for all of you who want to give it a try.

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Miguel's one year old photo session is up! Jen emailed the slide show to me a little bit ago, and it is simply amazing. I am always moved to tears when I see my family through the lens of Jen's camera.

Here is the link to Miguel's slide show:

Unfortunately, the link will not stay active forever, but you can bet your sweet buns that I will watch it another zillion times before it comes down.

The hard part comes next...ordering the photos. It is hard to resist ordering everything, but wall space is limited and Baby Wood v2.0 is demanding his/her own gallery as well. ;) So, what Sugar photos are your favorite?

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It has been a busy week for us. Monday we had our Music Together class at SMU, Tuesday we had our weekly one year old playgroup, and today was another playgroup. Miguelito loves to be around other children and he had a blast today climbing in and out of this chair. Thanks to my mommy friend, Nicole, for taking these photos.

chocolate 2

chocolate party

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Our sneak peek photos are up on Jen's blog! Scroll down a little bit and there we are!

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Yes, we FINALLY had Miguelito's one year old photo session (yep, he is 15 months old) with Jen Weintraub at Prather Park today. The weather was incredible....thank goodness. Miguelito was quite the challenge and was determined to run in the opposite direction of exactly where we wanted him to go. He thought Jen's camera was really cool and he loved seeing himself on the screen, so he ran up to her a few times to check himself out. Too cute! Jen will post a sneak peek on her blog in the next few days.

Papa and Lita, Miguel's parents, came from San Antonio for a visit this weekend. Papa is leaving soon for Afghanistan and will gone for a year, so we took the opportunity to get a few photos of Miguelito with Papa and Lita. It is hard to think that Miguelito will be almost 2 1/2 years old when Papa comes home and he will more than likely not remember Papa. We are going to miss Papa!

Miguel and Papa


Lita, Miguelito and Papa


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I was really lucky to have a sweet photographer mommy friend of mine offer mini-sessions in the bluebonnets to her mommy friends. We met Chera at a park on Wednesday morning for a mini-session. It was windy and overcast, so she worked really fast.

Ummm, I don't plan on smiling.


Well, okay, maybe just a little one.


Aww, shucks. You got me!


Mommy is always kissing me. Girls are yucky.


Me and my mommy...she isn't too bad even if she makes me eat my veggies.


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Yesterday was my 12week appointment with Dr Dullye. If you are keeping track, then you know that I am really 13w pregnant as of this past Tuesday. I had to wait for an appointment with the ultrasound tech for the first trimester genetic screening, so that's the reason for the one week overdue appointment. Miguel wasn't able to come to the appointment because of work, so I went alone.

The ultrasound was great. The little one was moving around and his/her heartrate was 165bpm. He/she was a bit uncooperative and would not turn in the correct direction and tried to fall asleep a few times, so I had to move around a bit and cough to wake him/her up. I met with Dr Dullye afterwards and had my blood drawn for the genetic screening. The only cause for concern is the placenta is lying low on my cervix, which we will continue to monitor via ultrasound and hope that the placenta moves up in the uterus as the uterus grows. Dr Dullye said the majority of placenta previa seen this early will resolve and cause no issues, so I am praying that is the case for us as well.

I have a few ultrasound photos, but I am not motivated right now to get out the scanner, connect it and scan them in...I will do it in the next day or so.

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Miguel and I have a weekly one year old playgroup with other mommies and babies. Today we played at Caruth Park and had a picnic. The weather was gorgeous and the toddlers enjoyed going down the slide, swinging, chasing each other, and eating wood chips.

Caruth Park 001

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My husband in his infinite amount of wisdom encouraged me to take photos with the new camera  in RAW format, and me, well, let's just say I blindly went with his suggestion and ended up with issues when I went to download the photos onto my computer. So, alas, no photos tonight...please direct your "gratitude" to my sweet husband.

Let me pause for a moment and say that my poor husband is getting the brunt of my pregnant moodiness these days. It seems he can't do anything right, and he comes with up some seriously dumb questions meant only to annoy me. Personally, I think it is all manipulation on his part...he wants to see how fast he can push my buttons, so then he can retire to his office to play Counterstrike...umm, I mean, "work."

For your reading pleasure here is a little ditty from yesterday. I sent Miguel numero uno with Miguel numero dos, after I fed, diapered and dressed the little man, to Whole Foods. He simply needed to get one package of stemmed, dried Calimyrna figs, 11 ounces of Montrachet goat cheese and a package of walnuts for a Fig and Walnut Tapenade I was making for our dinner group that evening. Well, what does my sweet genius come home with? Goat cheese, a package of walnuts, two kinds of hummus, pita bread, chopped fresh fruit, two pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream (because he thought that would make me happy...awww), and APRICOTS. Apricots? Hello, the name of the recipe is FIG and Walnut Tapenade. It seems the produce lady at Whole Foods convinced my husband that the apricots were pretty much the same thing as the figs, and they only have the figs in the fall. Nice, but whatever. As my head began to rotate on my shoulders and steam pour from my ears, nose and mouth, my darling husband stammered, but I took the baby with me, and I was even gone an hour, and I brought home ice chocolate chip, even, and in a last ditch effort to calm me....I love you, and I put gas in the Escalade. Got to love that man and the way his brain operates.

Tonight in an effort to redeem himself, Miguel decided to play Dr Wood again and attempt to locate Baby Wood v2.0 via doppler. He has tried a few times over the past two weeks, but we could only get a few beats here and there. Well, tonight Baby Wood v2.0 decided to get his Daddy out of trouble and as soon as Dr Wood placed the doppler on my tummy the greatest sound ever came through...our baby's heartbeat loud and strong and fast at 169bpm. With that, my dear husband will live to enjoy another day of pure wedded bliss with his ever loving pregnant wife.