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The internet is VERY slow, so it would take way too long to post photos and daily blogs. Y'all will just have to wait till we get home for a new blog post with photos.

To sum it up so far, our flights were stressful, but it could have been worse. Miguelito was grumpy for the first two days of vacation combined with teething, so that was fun. I prescribed Motrin, a dash of Tylenol and sleep...voila, happy baby. Miguel introduced Miguelito to the water slide and he now insists on going down it at least 10 times a day and will run towards it if you aren't on top of him at all times. Miguelito is fearless around the water and jumps in on his own, loves the sand and thinks the ocean rocks, but the saltwater tastes yucky. The weather is gorgeous and this Mommy is heading to the spa on Monday...yippee! Daddy is relaxing, but is Miguelito's official on demand pool buddy...I guess, Daddy is way more fun than Mommy. (Insert evil laugh plan is working...haha.) All in all, we could not have asked for a better first week of vacation.

Much love to everyone and I will think of you as I sip my virgin strawberry daquiri under an umbrella by the pool with the ocean breeze blowing through my hair. Are you jealous yet?!?! ;)


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Time to pack our bags! Well, if you want to be precise, Miguel gets to re-pack his luggage since he is flying in from Fort Lauderdale, Florida right now. He left on Sunday for Microsoft's Channel Partner Summit Conference.

Back to the packing...we are leaving for sunny Aruba on Sunday! We are so excited and are looking forward to our last vacation as a family of three plus we get lots of uninterrupted Daddy time. For all the TekFocus employees reading, the InfoMart better be on fire if you email or IM Miguel, and no, he can not develop a custom SharePoint course for you while on vacation. If you choose to break my rules, you will face the wrath of this pregnant Mommy, and I will hold any future deliveries of my famous banana nut bread hostage. (just joking...sort of.) For my dear husband, this goes for you as well...don't blame your need to work on your employees...I know you love your work, but we are not hauling umpteen Microsoft books for you to do some "light reading" nor are you allowed to check your email more than twice a day.

There will be lots of photos, and, I promise to post on the blog often. I really won't have an excuse because I am sure there will be no less than three (yep, count 'em up three) laptops making the journey with us as well.

Oh, and just in case you think this would be a good time to come over and check out the Wood house since no one is home...think again, Mr. Thief. Our good friend will be checking on the house each day, our housekeeper will be in and out, my nosy neighbors are constantly walking their little yappy dogs in front of our house, and Miguelito has left a few booby traps of his own to ensure his favorite toys are safe, so just move onto the next house. ;)


My mom (aka Sweetie) flew in on Sunday to spend the week with me and Miguelito, and celebrate my *coughcough* 31st birthday. Having Sweetie here is always a HUGE treat for me because she does all the laundry and ensures we are all spoiled rotten. Thank you, Sweetie, for taking care of endless loads of laundry, and for my birthday lunch at Zoe's. (Did I mention how much I dislike doing laundry and hauling it from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor of the house?) See you in a couple of weeks in Baton Rouge!

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I really tried to get a few photos of Miguelito yesterday, but as my loyal readers know my sweet son inherited from his father the "I-must-touch-anything-with-a-button-and-if-it-shiny-I-must-hold-it" gene. That includes my new camera, which I will not let him touch much to his chagrin.

Give me the !@#$ camera, Mommy!


I did manage to snap this one photo of him prior to the meltdown. Lately, Miguel will put anything to his ear and babble using his "telephone" voice.

Hi, Dada, are you having fun at the Microsoft Conference?


Too bad, I did not have my camera handy when he decided to pee on his bedroom floor (did I mention, his bedroom floor is carpet) before his bath after being chased by me around his crib playing peek a boo or when he thought it would be a good idea to cram all 32 inches and 26 pounds of himself into a bucket the size of a shoe box and then get stuck. I surrender, yesterday's round goes to Miguelito.

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Word on the street is it has been too long since I posted photos of Miguelito. I will attempt to catch Miguelito doing something utterly adorable tomorrow (should not be too hard) and post it for all the Miguelito fans to see. :)

Nighty night.

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Wednesday was my 16w OB appointment with Dr Dullye. My appointments are pretty much routine...see the nurse, Tracey, and she gets my weight (FUN!), blood pressure and then I pee in a cup. Dr Dullye checks the baby's heartbeat via doppler, and asks if I have any questions. We discuss a few things and I am finished. Originally, I thought I was going to have an ultrasound to check on the complete placenta previa discovered at my 12w ultrasound, but my appointment with the ultrasound tech, Judy, was never scheduled. Miguel and I were disappointed, but I was able to go in today for the ultrasound. The good news is as my uterus is growing, which it will continue to do so until approximately 36w, the placenta is moving. I have been downgraded to partial placenta previa. The placenta is hanging out low on the left side of my uterus. The baby has grown so much since our 12w ultrasound, and was hanging out vertex (head down) with his/her legs crossed. Judy tried multiple times to check for boy or girl parts, but no such little pumpkin was being quite uncooperative. Dare I say, that it is another hardheaded Wood boy!?!?!?

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In a desperate effort to keep Miguelito from wrapping himself around my legs and screaming to be held while wanting to see what I am doing on the kitchen counter, I poured out rice into two bowls and let him scoop and pour till his heart was content. It was great entertainment for him while I cooked dinner, and he was quite pleased with the FEMA level disaster he cooked up on the kitchen floor.

Wow, Mommy, this is fun!


Do you think I can eat it?


You don't mind if I dump the whole bowl on the floor, do you, Mommy?


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Awhile back I posted about wanting to clean out a few closets and the garage prior to Baby Wood v2.0's is the update:

1. Master closet is cleaned out and all items donated.

2. Kitchen is de-cluttered and items were donated to Genesis Women's Shelter

3. I am beginning the garage clean out, and today I took approximately 400 Beanie Babies to Parkland's Rape Crisis Center for Children

I still have to clean out the closet under the stairs and sell/donate most of my scrapbooking supplies and the laundry room shelves need to be re-arranged so I can better utilize the space. Both of those things can't be done with Miguelito running around, so I am going to try to tackle it when my mom comes in town in a few weeks.


I have photos of Miguelito to share, but they are not uploaded yet. I will upload tonight and then post about our exciting visit to the Dallas Zoo this week.