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Take one not so happy teething baby and plunk him down on the kitchen floor. In a large bowl, mix flour and enough water to create a squishy paste. Give large bowl and spoon to not so happy teething baby and let him have at it. The result is 20 minutes of gleeful squealing from now happy baby who is covered in gooey flour paste along with kitchen floor and pretty much anything within a 3 foot radius.

In the two seconds it took me to grab the camera, Miguelito had already had a bite. It must not of tasted so good because he did not try to eat it again.

What is this stuff, Mommy?

Flour paste 002

Enough with the tray, I think my legs might be fun to decorate.

Flour paste 005

Look, Mommy, my hands are gooey and messy!

Flour paste 010

Let me get this bowl a little closer so the real fun can begin.

Flour paste 021

Oh, the floor can't miss out on the decorating fun.

Flour paste 028

Counting my fingers, 1-2-3-4-5, yep, they are all still there.

Flour paste 037

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A sweet surprise was waiting for me when I got home from San Antonio yesterday. One of the TekFocus employees gave me a box of Morgan Chocolate as a thank you gift. Well, when we got home from Miguelito's art class this morning I had to run to the bathroom (shocker, there, huh, I am 27 weeks pregnant). Miguelito some how got the box of chocolate off the kitchen table and managed to stuff a piece in his mouth and one in each hand before I caught him chocolate (errr, I mean red) handed.

So being the incredible Mommy I am (really, I just wanted to avoid a meltdown and "the scream") I let him eat all three chocolate pieces and even before lunch (gasp!)


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Last Wednesday, Miguelito and I drove to San Antonio to visit with family. My mother in-law and father in-law, who is currently in Afghanistan, live there as well as one of my husband's sisters and her family. Another sister in-law and her children were visiting from NYC too, so it was lots of crazy fun. There were a total of 7 children under the age of 8 years old plus 2 pregnant women. Fun and chaotic all at the same time.

Miguelito was officially overwhelmed, but by the end of our visit yesterday he was holding his own and wanted to be in the middle of the action. Me, on the other hand, I was exhausted.

I was a bad photographer on the trip, and either left my camera or was unmotivated to take photos, which makes me sad because I don't have a photo of Miguelito with all his cousins.

A few highlights from the trip:

~Miguelito picked up on the high pitch ear piercingly loud toddler scream, which can be employed in times of happiness, frustration, and anger. I am especially thankful for the scream since I got to listen to about 15 minutes of it after we had stopped for lunch on our way home because he was tired and fighting his sleep in the car. Thankfully, the scream wore him out and he slept a huge portion of the drive home.

~He also learned to say, "No, no, mine."

~Miguelito took his first bike ride in Uncle Scot's cool double bike trailer. He loved it and enjoyed taking in the neighborhood scenery.

~We played at the neighborhood pool which consisted of me climbing in and out of the big pool while running behind Miguelito who thought it was lots of fun to run from the baby pool jump in then climb out 3 seconds later and run to the big pool and then jump in. Lots of fun for this pregnant mommy!

~Lita, my mother in-law, had set up a small pool and water table on her back porch which Miguelito thought was just as fun as the big pool. Mental note for me: I must do this in our courtyard at home!

~Miguelito helping his cousin, Kennedy, to play the piano each day, and dancing, dancing, dancing.


Miguelito playing in the awesome playroom at his Aunt Candice and Uncle Scot's house...I must have a playroom in my next house!


Miguelito and Matthew chilling out after getting back from the bike ride. Miguelito had a run in with a water bottle, and it won...thus, the reason for no clothes!


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Our sweet boy is 18 months old. We had our well baby visit with Dr Kennedy today, and she was quite impressed with his large feet. ;)

Miguel is 27 pounds and 33 inches tall, and he wears a size 7 shoe. Developmentally he is completely on par, but she is slightly concerned about his speech. Miguel says new words often, but he does not use them all the time even though he understands everything we say to him and will follow simple directions. She encouraged me to think about a referral to Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) for a speech evaluation. ECI is free until a child reaches 3 years old, so the quicker we get in the system the better, and the therapist comes to my home. I went ahead and made our referral, so now the waiting begins for our evaluation appointment.

Miguelito rocking out on Guitar Hero with Daddy's help.


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My unintentional break in blogging is directly related to my failed attempt (pretty obvious, huh?) to install Microsoft Vista Service Pack 1 while my husband was in Houston attending Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), which is kind of ironic don't you think. My first phone call to my geek (err, I mean husband) went along the lines of my bleepity bleeping bleep computer is broken and all because YOU, my sweet husband, insist I do those critical updates. I am NEVER doing an update again, and I don't care what you say. The second phone call did not go much better because Miguel then insisted the reason my computer was not working was due to operator error, and he would fix my computer when he got home in 5 days. Are you serious? Wrong thing to say to your computer addicted raging hormone pregnant wife. Needless to say, I was without a computer for the week, but after a few hours of work my wonderful geek husband has my computer up and running and life again is great in the Wood household. Oh, and it did end up being his fault because he forgot to update a credit card expiration date on something or another which then caused SP1 to crash. See, I told you, my love it is always your fault!

Life has been hectic, but great in the Wood household. Let's see...

*I had my 24w OB appointment. William and I both look great with no problems other than some mild swelling in my hands and feet.

*Miguelito turned 18 months old and is cutting another molar, which makes for a grumpy Miguelito. Motrin is our best friend. He has learned how to walk on his tip toes, use a spoon to feed himself, and everyday says new words. He has no idea in 3 short months his world is going to change forever.

*My mom (aka Sweetie) came for a week long visit. She helped me finish my to do list of cleaning out and de-cluttering. We managed to donate 3 pieces of old luggage, clean out/reorganize Miguelito's dresser, wash clothes for William, buy William's bassinet and linens, clean out the under stairs closet, reorganize Miguel's office, clean up the courtyard, re-organize all the Christmas and holiday decorations, and clean out the garage. Whew! It was a busy week, but between all the cleaning up and cleaning out, we managed to have some fun. We took Miguelito to art class then swim class where he showed off for his Sweetie.

*I almost passed out at the Exxon gas pump when I put $100 of gas into my Escalade and the pump shut off before it was completely full. Paying $4.25 a gallon for premium gas sure sucks. I guess I should be thankful Miguel might use a tank of premium gas a month since he is out of town often and his commute to work is about 3 miles, so at least it helps to off set the amount of gas the Escalade uses. In case you were wondering, the Escalade gets about 12 mpg in the city.

*Name game again. My loyal blog readers (all three of you, lol) know one of my very first posts was about the dos Miguels and the questions surrounding their names. Well, here we are again. William. Not Will, not Bill, not Wills, not Big Willy, not anything, but William. Got it, okay great. And, yes, I will re-name the blog to include William once something utterly witty pops into my brain.

*Our good friends introduced us to Bubba's, and oh my heavens it is divine. The. best. chicken. ever. Miguelito agrees too! Although he was partial to the mashed potato and gravy hair conditioner. See photos below.

Photo disclaimer: We had spent the morning swimming so Miguelito's eyes are red because of the pool not from crying and the red bump under his eye is a mosquito bite (again, blame Miguel numero uno not me.) ;)



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A tremendous THANK YOU to the TekFocus employees for assisting in making the move to the new suite a huge success. Everything went as smooth as possible, and everyone worked incredibly long hours and stayed until the last moving bin was emptied. I cannot THANK YOU enough for your team work and dedication. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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If you check out the time stamp on his you will see that it is in the 5 o'clock hour. I have been awake since 430a, which for me is the MIDDLE of my night. Anyone who knows me knows I am absol-freaking-lutely NOT a morning person. Heck, I worked 12hr nights at the hospital to avoid getting up at 5am for work. I don't do mornings, but my sweet little William has other ideas. Insomnia sucks.

We are officially 24w pregnant today! Woohoo, we have a viable baby if William would choose to make his appearance, which he won't, but still you get the point. Wednesday is my checkup with Dr Dullye...same old routine. Pee in the cup, blood pressure check, weight check, listen to William's heart tones, palpate my uterus, and Q&A.

All of my friends told me the second pregnancy flies by, and, wow, they were right. I feel like I have a ton of things to do to prepare for William's birth. For one, I am nervous about leaving Miguelito overnight while I am in the hospital. Since he was born, I have never been away from him for more than 5 hours. I am sure he will be just fine...not so sure if I will be.

This is too funny...Miguel just woke up and asked me what in the world I was doing. Umm, jeez, hun, can't you see I am on my laptop in bed. Genius. Let me digress for a minute...Miguel NEVER remembers his dreams. He knows he has them, but can't ever remember them. Me, I can usually recall almost every last detail. Well, my funny husband just sleepily said, "Wow, I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed that I was friends with Emilio Estevez and we were in a courtyard. He was wearing a Phi Delt pin, and I was really mad at him because he was not a member." Okay, honey, whatever you say. Continue on with your beauty rest. Way to let your 80's roots shine through!