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So, whenever Husband goes out of town I get a phone call from him telling me I need to blog. Seriously, honey, do you think I sit around all day long eating bon bons and watching soap operas and dreaming of my next blog post?!?!

Just for my husband here is a run down of the last 24 hours:

1050p- I crawl into bed exhausted. Turn on the TV only to turn it off a few minutes later. I am asleep almost instantly.

1234a- I'm awake. What time is it? How long have I been asleep? Oh, good it is still dark. Back to sleep.

200a- Oh, my poor bladder. Must. go. pee. now.

204a- Back in bed. Get comfy with my pregnancy pillow and back to dreamland I go.

502a- Miguelito cries out, but hopefully he is just crying out in his sleep. All quiet after a few seconds, so I listen to the baby  monitor for a few minutes...pure silence. He is back to sleep. Oh, but my poor bladder. Again. Must. go. pee.

623a- Ugh, Miguelito is crying his "I am awake cry." Drag myself out of bed and go to his nursery. He is standing up, but eyes are half shut. Grab Harry (his lovie) and nu nu and Miguelito. Turn on the lullabies CD and hold him for a few minutes. Put him back in his crib and he drifts off to sleep. I stumble back to bed.

715a- Miguelito is awake for the day. I head to his nursery to get him out of bed, change his diaper, and we head downstairs for our morning dose of Sesame Street. The housekeepers are coming this morning, so I need to us fed, dressed and ready to leave the house in the next hour.

815a- Breakfast is done (whole wheat waffles for Miguelito and cereal for me) and we are almost ready for the day. Housekeepers call to say they are running late. Good thing because I need a few more minutes. Miguelito wants to ride on his new rocking horse from Nonnie, help him on and then decide to take a few photos. (See below)

845a- Housekeepers arrive and we are ready to leave. Convince an upset Miguelito to come down the stairs on his belly. Sweetie and Papa T are visiting, so we all head out.

1045a- Back home after a run to Target and WalMart Neighborhood Market. Drop off groceries and supplies then we are off again in search of play sand.

1120a- Back home in time for lunch. Make lunch for Miguelito, but he decides that mine and Sweetie's lunches taste better.

1230p- Put Miguelito down for an early nap along with a dose of Motrin for teething. Listen to him babble and roll around for a few minutes before going to sleep. Jump on the computer and chat with husband via IM, check email and start reading the online lactation course I need to complete today.

120p- Maybe if I close my eyes, I can get a nap in before my 32w OB appt this afternoon.

140p- Miguelito is crying. So much for my nap. Run upstairs to his nursery. Cuddle with him and he goes back to sleep almost instantly. Gingerly place him in his crib and tip toe out of his room.

215p- Leave Miguelito sleeping under Sweetie's capable care and drive to Presby for OB appt.

245p- 32w OB appt...nothing new. BP check (it's great), weight (ugh, but okay), pee in cup, listen to baby William (heart rate was 152bpm) and measure fundal height (32.5w).

320p- Run to Sonic after appt for two diet Cherry for me and one for Sweetie.

340p- Back home. Miguelito is excited to see me and gives me a kiss. It is nice to be missed. He spies the Sonic cups and demands a sip. Then another and another and another and another. (See photos below)

500p- Make dinner for Miguelito after playing with him for most of the afternoon. He eats and then when he sees Sweetie's dinner, he demands a bite or two.

700p- Bath time and bed time for Miguelito. Play a game of "I'm going to get you" to chase Miguelito up the stairs while carrying a laundry bushel full of supplies from Target. Bathe Miguelito and then he has a mini-meltdown over his toothbrush, which promptly ends bath time. Sweetie gives him his bottle and reads stories then we both put him his crib and grab our last Miguelito kisses of the night.

745p- Remember I need to put out the trash for tomorrow morning, so I go do it along with changing a light bulb in the guest bathroom and bringing in a roll of paper towels and Liquid Plumber for my slow moving bathroom drain. Yes, we desperately need a handyman.

810p- Finally sit down and begin work on the lactation course.

930p- Done. Finish lactation course and then remember my husband wants me to blog. Download photos from today and start writing this blog entry. As soon as I am done I am off to bathe and go to sleep.

940p- Sweetie tells me she is off to bed.

1001p- Getting ready to upload the photos to the blog entry and click publish. Husband, I sure hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our day. Love you and miss you.




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Play dates galore for Miguelito, friends over for dinner, out to dinner with business friends, a much needed date night for the husband and me, Miguelito's last swim class for the summer session, Miguelito's middle of the night temper tantrum which resulted in him climbing out of his crib (another first) in a fit of anger, and Miguel is super busy at work.

Taking a break from running around at play group


Yum! Yum! Applesauce is yummy!


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Miguelito and I spent a very rainy morning at the museum with friends. There is an incredible Children's area in the museum designed specifically for children 7 years old and younger. Miguelito had a blast running from one exhibit to the next. He is partial to the computer (shocker, there?!?!), the fire truck and the backyard exhibits. I did manage to experience another Mommy first...Miguelito disappeared on me. He was literally standing beside me one minute and gone the next. Thankfully the majority of the entire Children's area was filled with friends, and there were no less than 5 mommies looking for him. He was found within minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. He had somehow managed to climb a set of stairs in about 2 seconds flat. I managed to take a few photos of our day, but after the "little incident" I decided that I better put away the camera and concentrate on Miguelito and his whereabouts.

Miguelito with his first love, the Little Tikes child sized computer workstation.

Children's Museum Aug 2008 006

Miguelito and his buddy, James. Step on the gas, why don't ya', James!

Children's Museum Aug 2008 007

Give me a lift, Mommy!

Children's Museum Aug 2008 017

Miguelito was quite fascinated with the "milk" coming from the cow.

Children's Museum Aug 2008 023

Uh, huh, you caught me getting ready to climb on the table. Shucks. Fun over.

Children's Museum Aug 2008 030

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I had my 30w OB appointment with Dr Dullye today. I can hardly believe we are 30w already and have begun every 2 week appointments...time is flying by. William and I both looked great. His heart rate was 142 bpm, and I am measuring 30w exactly. My swelling is not too bad, so I am hopeful I will not experience the large amount of swelling with William's pregnancy like I did with Miguelito's pregnancy. We are planning on banking William's cord blood with Cord Blood Registry, which is who we banked Miguelito's cord blood through.

We (really, I mean, I am) are almost completely ready for William and his birth. He will occupy a sitting area in our master bedroom until I can get Miguelito out of the crib and into a "big boy" bed, so then William can move into nursery with his big brother. William's bassinet is set up, his clothes are washed and put away, his going home outfit is ready, and my new glider and ottoman arrived this week. All I need to do is install his car seat and buy diapers, and we will be ready. Oh, and pack our bags for the hospital, and I am sure a list of other things when full on nesting kicks in.

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It is no secret that Miguelito is obsessed with all things technology, but he really goes nuts for laptops. Sometimes it is funny, but other times it is quite the hassle, especially when Mommy needs to check the family Sharepoint calendar or email, and there is an adorable little guy hanging on her leg screaming to just let him touch the laptop. I have been asked by the resident computer geek (aka Daddy) to not let Miguelito play with my laptop anymore since he has managed to break two keyboards. But what Daddy doesn't know won't hurt, right? The other morning we were rocking out to a little Raffi when Miguelito managed to sweet talk Mommy into letting him play with the laptop. Can I tell you he was in heaven!?!? He absolutely refused to look at me for a photo...stinker pot!

Hmmm, let's see, yes, Windows Media player.


One more minute, Mommy, I am searching for my PowerPoint slide deck.


Ah, my work here is finished.


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So, I guess you want to know what's been going on in the Wood household? Let's see, I am 29w pregnant and feeling good. Just hot, but dang if it is hasn't been below 100 degrees outside in the past couple of weeks. Bring on fall now, please. William kicks in the evenings and early morning, and Miguel numero uno has been able to feel quite a few of the karate chops William deals out to his Mommy.

Miguel numero dos had viral pharyngitis last week/weekend along with 103 degree fever. He has made a full recovery and is back to his know, the usual fun toddler stuff consisting of temper tantrums immediately followed by hugging and kissing on Mommy immediately followed by attempting to slap Mommy in the face. His new favorite activity is to draw all over his left arm with a pen...hey, it gives me five minutes of peace and quiet, so who am I to stop him? (See photo below)

Miguel numero dos participated in a Scribbles and Dribbles art class this summer at the Dallas Children's Museum. He had an absolute blast each week exploring different textures and creating art. He has quite the art portfolio going for being almost 19 months old. We are both thrilled the Museum is going to offer the class again this fall.

I have finished the cleaning out/de-cluttering process for the most part. Genesis Women's Shelter picked up the last of the big stuff I wanted to donate. The only thing left is getting yet more technology books to TekFocus. I seriously think those books have reproductive powers because I get rid of a bunch and then lo and behold another pile of them appear. Grrr!

And now for the photos, which is all y'all really care about anyway. ;)

Hey, ummm, where's the water?


Uh, uh, Mommy, there you are with that camera again?


Mommy, seriously, put the camera away.


Now, really, can't you help me get into my raisins? (Notice the ink drawing on his arm.)