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When Sweetie is visiting, Miguel spends the majority of his days running around with Sweetie's cell phone to his ear babbling away. It is safe to say Sweetie's cell phone is indestructible and the best toy ever!


Darth Vadar Texas style...ride em' cowboy!


Singing the blues! La la la..Oh, please let my four eye teeth cut through la la.


Playing peek-a-boo at our Halloween playgroup today.


William (aka Chunky Monkey) weighed in at 9lbs 4oz at his two week old pediatrician appointment...yes, that is right, he has gained TWO pounds since birth! Sweet William is fond of sleeping all day and partying all night. Mommy is working hard to convince him that sleep at night is good for him and Mommy. A rare awake moment caught on camera today! (Check out the red hair.)


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It seems my laptop took a little nose dive screen first off the back of my glider while attempting to keep it safe from a certain sweet toddler who is all about playing with anything electronic. Yeah, husband did not seem to understand my rationale of precariously balancing the laptop on the back of the glider in order to keep it safe. Oh, well, that's what the Dell service contract is for, right?!?! I will be offline for a few days until the "ouchie" is fixed and I promise to do a big update with lots of photos.

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All of the photos from William's birth are online now! Lynsey did an amazing job!

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The fabulous Jen came to our home this morning for William's newborn session. Big brother, Miguel, got in on the action and had a blast holding and kissing William. Things got a little interesting when it was time for William to go au naturel...let's just say the ottoman, Daddy and the DVD player all got doused. Thanks, Jen, for an incredible morning!

Oh, and I have received quite a few emails wondering why Jen did not photograph William's birth. Jen and her family adopted a sweet baby girl who was born a few days after William, and Jen was able to be in the delivery room when her daughter was born. Given William's due date and baby girl's due date, we thought it would be best not to tempt the birthing gods and have the uber talented Lynsey document William's birth.



*William's photograph posted with consent from Sugar Photography

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"How is Miguelito adjusting to William?" is the million dollar question of the day and everyone I talk to wants to know. Honestly, Miguelito doesn't really seem to mind William. He will say "Baby" a few times a day, try to feed him a snack, and he will give him hugs and kisses. Today he wanted to hold William and when I started to put William in his lap he said, "No." I am pretty sure he got scared and wasn't sure what to do. We are only a week into the whole big brother thing, so I am sure things will only get more interesting as time passes.


Hi, William! I am going to kiss you.


Miguelito saw me breastfeeding William. He insisted on taking his shirt off, and was very happy to point out his nipples and belly button to me.


Sweet William snoozing in the Moses basket.


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Miguelito got a package from Uncle Bo and Aunt Laura (my brother and sister in-law) on Monday evening with the cutest Halloween cookies from Harry and David. Miguelito was so excited to tear into the box and he instantly picked out a ghost cookie from the bunch. As you can see from the photo, it was yummy! Thank you, Uncle Bo and Aunt La!


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Miguel meeting William for the first time. Miguel is trying to feed him a snack of Veggie Booty.



Proud Daddy and William getting ready to watch LSU v. Florida. Yeah, let's not talk about the game.



Mommy and William ready to go home



Sweetie holding both her boys. Miguelito is quite in love in his baby brother...for the moment.


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Miguel and I were so excited to have Lynsey Stone photograph William's birth yesterday. She posted a sneak peek of photos from William's birth on her blog and let me tell you the photos are incredible!

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William Allen Wood

Born October 10, 2008 at 4:17pm

7 pounds 5 ounces

19 1/4 inches

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For quite some time, I had planned on being induced at 39w, which would be on Tuesday. Long ago, I had our favorite babysitter lined up for Miguelito and activities planned out for them to keep my sweet boy busy and his mind off his MIA mommy. My parents were coming to Dallas from Baton Rouge on Sunday to be here for William's birth and they were going to stay about a week. Birth photographer was booked. Maternity hospital gown was ordered. Pedicure was scheduled. Last minute errands were planned out. Everything was coordinated and organized.

So much for my plans...William has other ideas. At my 38w appointment today, my blood pressure was high, and my ankles no longer exist because of all the swelling, so Dr. Dullye felt it was better to have William out than in. My body is ready...I am 3cm dilated and 75% effaced, so we decided to induce on Friday....THIS Friday!

After a moment of "oh, bleep bleep bleep" I was left to juggle my wonderfully perfect plans. After a fury of phone calls and emails, I now have a completely different yet perfect set of Plan B arrangements, which in the end just feel right. I suppose my first lesson in being William's mother is expect the unexpected.