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With a little encouragement from his Aunt Laura, Miguelito found the stack of Christmas presents "hiding" in Sweetie's foyer and thought he needed to open a gift tonight. He was so excited to see his grocery and proceeded to load the basket up and then drove it all around the house.





Update on Papa T: His MDs did not find anything wrong with his heart from all the tests, so they are thinking it is a metabolic issue and/or possible medication reaction. Dad came home from the hospital on Saturday with instructions to follow up with his internal medicine MD this coming week. Unfortunately, they took him off of all his BP medications for high blood pressure, so now his blood pressure is very high. Hopefully, there will be some answers as to what caused the fainting/low heart rate soon. Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts...they were greatly appreciated.

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Miguelito, William and I are leaving Saturday for Baton Rouge...a week earlier than we had originally planned to go. My mom found my dad unconscious on the kitchen floor on Wednesday morning, and he has been in Cardiac ICU since then. His blood pressure and heart rate are extremely low, and he is currently on IV medication to keep them elevated. His MDs are running tons of tests to rule out things, but there are no answers just yet. Today he is awake, but has no memory of anything from Wednesday other than feeling weak while making toast. Please keep Papa T in your thoughts and prayers.

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Whenever Miguelito sees me holding the camera he runs up to me and screams "eese" which is Miguelito-ese for "cheese." He seriously cracks me up, but he makes it quite difficult to get a decent photo of him or William. We played at Willowbend Mall today with our playgroup friends. Miguelito had a blast running around and he pushed a few kids down. I guess after being pushed down a zillion times by other kids he has learned to just push them down first and then hug them. William hung out in his carrier and snoozed on my chest until he decided he must. eat. now.

Cheese, Mommy!


Weeee, down the little slide!


Mommy's view of the Chunky Monkey


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I'm here. Well, sometimes it feels like barely. I am exhausted and I am blaming my lack of witty posting on pure exhaustion. Here is a re-cap of what has been going down in the Wood household:

Miguelito is adding new words to his vocabulary, purple, movie, and boobies are his latest. Yes, he is very enthralled with Mommy's magical boobies since William seems to think I am a 24/7 buffet. Miguelito is slowly coming to grips with the fact that William is here to stay, and he is turning into quite the loving big brother.

William is plumping up nicely and has added a roll to his thighs. He loves the 24/7 boobie buffet and is especially fond of staying up all night long. His reflux is not under control yet and I have had a fun time trying to figure out how to get his reflux medicine in him and then to keep him from puking it up (usually all over me). His favorite place to hang out during the day is in his carrier, and at night he really likes to sleep on Mommy's chest.

Miguel is busy at work, and is pulling very long hours. We try to enjoy every single second of Daddy time when he is home. Miguelito has taken to giving Miguel a very stern babble speech which includes "no more, Daddy," when Miguel tries to sneak down to his office to work (or play a game).

As for me, I am adjusting to life with two children under two years of age. I have learned to be quite flexible and to just keep going. One moment at a time. The boys are adorable and bring such joy, but I often find myself at the end of the day exhausted and having forgotten to feed myself, brush my teeth, or washing the same load of laundry yet again because I forgot to put it in the dryer. Life is crazy busy, but I am loving every single moment of it.

I promise to post a few photos of Miguelito and William soon. I promise I will.

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A few things that have come out of my mouth lately:

~You got to eat lunch and go to the bathroom alone today, so what exactly is YOUR problem?

~I have decided we are not going to talk to each other after 11p each night because nothing nice comes out of either of our mouths (I blame mine on extreme exhaustion...not sure what he blames his on.)

~Do you want a divorce? (In case you were wondering, he answered no.)

~Please don't lick your brother's head.

~Please don't throw *insert any object here* at William.

~If you walk up the stairs with Mommy and leave Daddy's computer alone, I will give you some chocolate. (After hearing "chocolate" Miguelito goes up the stairs in record breaking speed...this was at 9am.)

~Let's play with our cars on the floor and not put them in the fireplace, okay?

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After reflecting back on my first day of caring for the little ones alone, I realized I learned a few things:

~Miguelito and William are already conspiring against me

~Hair rubber bands make excellent toys for a certain very curious 22 month old

~Putting William in a plastic bubble seems like a great idea after deflecting no less than 20 objects his sweet brother threw at him and/or me

~I am not above bribing Miguelito with candy at 10am

~Personal hygiene is not a top priority nor are bathroom breaks

~I wish Sesame Street was on 24 hours a day...just joking, well, okay, sort of

and the here is the big one....drum roll, please...Mommies can handle no sleep much better than Daddies, and that's all I have to say about that.


Happy One Month Birthday, Chunky Monkey!


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Grab the kleenex and turn up your speakers! William's newborn session with Jen is up on her website. The photos are amazing, and Jen's talent leaves me speechless every time I see the beautiful images she captures of my family.  

Here is the link:


My laptop is still in the hospital, and I am hopeful it will make a full recovery very soon. ;)