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We woke up Christmas morning, and it was just another morning Miguelito. He really did not get the whole Christmas and Santa thing, and he was not too sure what to do with the mountain of presents waiting for him in the living room. He got into it after realizing there were toys underneath all that wrapping paper. William, of course, was oblivious, but enjoyed the squeals of delight from his brother.

Oh, wow, Little People Racin' Ramps Garage!


Sweetie and William


Music and dancing!


Taking a break from opening presents to play peek-a-boo with Papa T


Mr. Potato Head!


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Finally, I have a few minutes to post the Christmas photos. Miguel and I had originally planned on coming back to Dallas to celebrate Christmas as a family of four, but William had other plans. He decided he wanted to spend Christmas with his Sweetie, Nonnie and the rest of the BR family, and to ensure a Baton Rouge Christmas he opted to pull the illness card. We had a wonderful Christmas filled with love and happy memories. Look for Christmas morning photos tomorrow!

Miguelito (quite the poser these days), William (always smiling), and Sweetie


Finally, showing some love for William! It's a Christmas miracle!


Awww, the happy family


Papa T and William


Yippee! Let's open presents!


Trying on his new backpack for MDO from Aunt Mary and Uncle Sam


Checking out the new toys


Charming cousin Josh for his cell phone


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I am tired and opting for sleep rather than posting the Christmas photos tonight. I downloaded them from the camera to my laptop, so at least that is done. I promise to post them tomorrow. For now, it's good night.

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Not that RSV and a hospital admit was bad enough now the poor little guy has not one but two freaking ear infections. He is not his usual smiley self and is quite restless. I feel so bad for him. I just want to make it go. away. now.

I hope to post Christmas photos this weekend...that is if William lets me put him down for a minute.

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William got released from the hospital last night after a day of miscommunication and waiting. The MD who rounded on Sunday forgot to tell our BR pediatrician we were still in the hospital, so she did not know to round on us on Monday. Then once she rounded William's chart got misplaced and we had to wait until after the nurses changed shifts to be discharged. Crazy, but we are home!

William is doing great. His breathing is perfect and his lungs sound great with no wheezing. He will continue the Albuterol as needed and remains on an oral antibiotic for the ear infection. We will follow up with our pediatrician in Dallas on Friday to make sure he is okay.

Thank you to everyone for the prayers, good thoughts and well wishes. ((hugs))

Look for lots of Christmas photos this weekend!

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William remains in the hospital, but I am hopeful we will get to go home tomorrow (Monday). When the pediatrician made rounds this morning, he found that William has an ear infection, so he started IV antibiotics. William managed to hold down the majority of his feedings today and only had a couple of bronchospasm episodes, so he is getting better. He remains on IV fluids, IV steroids, Albuterol breathing treatments and suctioning as needed. He was a happy little guy today, and enjoyed cuddling with his Sweetie and giving me lots of smiles and coos this evening.

Hey, Mommy, whatcha doing with the black thing again?

Hospital 017

I love my Mommy. She is so silly, especially when she gets no sleep.

Hospital 020 

No more smiles. IVs suck.

Hospital 022 

Unfortunately, Miguel did not fly to Baton Rouge today because his American Eagle flight was canceled and all other flights were completely booked. AE somehow managed to lose his luggage even though he never left DFW airport...geniuses I tell you, geniuses.

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Miguelito has made a full recovery from his ear infections and croup. He is the center of attention at Sweetie's house right now since his little brother is stuck in the hospital and is not there to "steal his thunder." Miguelito is enjoying bossing his women (Sweetie and Aunt La and Nonnie) around while demanding to "go go in the car," watch a "moo-vie, " and call and/or text his friends on their cell phones. I managed to sneak out of the hospital today for a couple of hours (thanks, Sweetie!), so I could go visit him and take a much needed shower, and Miguelito was so happy to show me his brand new portable DVD player courtesy of Sweetie. You think he is spoiled...umm, yeah!

We finally get to see Daddy in the flesh tomorrow after being away from him for just over 3 weeks. Yippee! ;)

William remains in the hospital with RSV. Although he is much improved, he is continuing to not be able to keep breast milk down and gives it right back to me after nursing. At least he has an interest in nursing today whereas the past two days he could have cared less about nursing and rarely attempted. He continues to receive Albuterol breathing treatments as needed and is on IV fluids as well as IV steroids. When his pediatrician made rounds this morning, she did not mention going home tomorrow, so I am guessing it will be at least Monday before we are discharged.





A hodge podge of photos from the past few days...

Flowers from Miguel for our 6th wedding anniversary


Take my photo, please.


Mommy and Miguelito...a self portrait


Another photo, please, this time with Blue Baby.


Hey, I can take photos too! (Miguelito's very first photo)


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By yesterday (Thursday) morning William was having difficulty breathing, had lost interest nursing, and was not responding to the oral Albuterol, so our BR pediatrician felt it was best to admit him to the hospital. He is getting IV fluids, frequent Albuterol breathing treatments, and suctioning to keep his airway clear. Our pediatrician said we should expect to be in the hospital for a "couple of days."

Once again, I am so thankful to be in Baton Rouge and have my family caring for Miguelito, who has completely recovered from his ear infections and croup. I can only imagine what a nightmare William's admission to the hospital would have been if we were in Dallas since Miguel is working in Minneapolis for the week.

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Well, so much for keeping William healthy. He had a every now and again cough for a couple of days and then yesterday it got worse, so I took him to see a family friend who is a pediatrician. She thought he might have RSV...ugh! It turns out the lab took their sweet time running the RSV test, and by the time the pediatrician called me with the results this morning I was sitting at the ER with William. He had a horrible coughing episode early this morning and could not catch his breath and ended up turning blue. Good thing I am a nurse because I only mildly freaked out versus having a full blown freak out. So, here I sit (thankfully at Sweetie's home in Baton Rouge, since Miguel is traveling for work) with a pitiful 10 week old baby, who wants only to be held and snuggled, which I am very happy to do. I sure hope this is the end of the germies for the Wood family for awhile.

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Miguelito came down with the croup and an ear infection last week, so I took him to a walk in clinic to be seen. He started an antibiotic and a steroid. Well, he completed the antibiotic yesterday and by last night at bedtime he was screaming uncontrollably. There was nothing I could do to make him better, so off to the ER we went at midnight. It turns out his one ear infection has blossomed into two ear infections with bulging ear drums, a green runny nose, and a hacking cough along with fever. Poor little man. He is now on another antibiotic, a cough syrup, Tylenol with codeine, and ear drops. This afternoon he was in better spirits, but still isn't feeling great. I certainly hope I can keep the germs contained to just Miguel and not pass anything onto William.


Saturday, 13 December was Miguel's and my 6th wedding anniversary. He surprised me by sending a gorgeous flower arrangement of red roses and stargazer lilies. I will try to post a photo of the flowers tomorrow. ;)