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While we were in Baton Rouge for the Christmas holidays, we had a chance to visit with our good friends from Houston, who were also in BR visiting their families. Miguel was born 3 weeks before sweet Libby, and they have been smitten with each other since the first time they met (or at least I like to think so). Miguel didn't quite know what to think of Libby's affection and running up trying to give him hugs because he thinks girls are yucky. And don't worry about William, sweet Libby has a little sister who was born 2 weeks after William...SCORE for the Wood boys!

Miguel + Libby


Miguel and Libby, December 2008

DSC01379 (2)

Miguel and Libby, May 2007


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I promised a photo of the completed masterpiece Miguel painted on his 2nd birthday, and here it is:


And, for comparison here is his painting from his 1st birthday:


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William told me tonight that I better blog about him or else! He was 3 months old on the 10th of January. He has rolled from his tummy to his back a couple of times, but has decided that was enough for him and has not done it again. William is such a happy baby and smiles all the time, and loves to smile at me while he is nursing. He refuses to sleep on his back except for a rare back sleeping moment caught in the photo below, and he has started sleeping much better at night. He will often wake just once to nurse in the middle of the night and has even given me a couple of 8 hour stretches, which I hope become a regular thing in the near future....a mommy can dream, right!?!?

My view while holding William


Papa (Wood) visiting all the way from Afghanistan


A very rare back sleeping moment!


Love you, William!


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We celebrated Miguel's 2nd birthday with a few close friends and an unexpected, but certainly pleasant surprise visit from my in-laws. Miguel loves Sesame Street, and has to start his morning by watching "Ernie" as he calls it. He adores Ernie, so a Mommy friend of mine offered to make him an Ernie cake. I think I scarred Miguelito for life when I cut through Ernie's face to serve everyone cake...he said, "Oh, no."







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Every year on his birthday Miguelito paints a canvas with acrylic paints to hang in his room. It is amazing to see the difference a year makes. Last year, he mainly fingerpainted, but this year he insisted on using 4 different paintbrushes and was very focused on his masterpiece. I need to take a photo of the finished work of art, so check back tomorrow for the photo update. Oops!




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Today my sweet Miguelito turned 2 years old. It is so cliche' but really where has the time gone?!?! It seems like just yesterday Miguel and I were praying, hoping, and waiting to be blessed with a baby, and now our so very wanted and adored baby is two years old. All day long I have looked at Miguelito in wonder and thought to myself, "My baby is two years!" Okay, enough with the sap.

Miguelito came downstairs this morning and saw his birthday present...a Cozy Coupe...and his first words were, "Oh, wow!" This weekend we are having an Ernie cake (from Sesame Street) and ice cream to celebrate, so look for more photos then.

Miguelito and his Cozy Coupe!


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A sweet surprise arrived for Miguelito today....a King Cake from Gambino's Bakery from his Uncle Bo and Aunt Laura. After tearing into the box with some help from Mommy, he helped to put the icing and purple, green and gold sugar on top of it. His favorite part was sticking his finger into the icing and licking it off the King Cake.

Yummy, the icing sure is good...


Wow, Mommy is really letting me eat all the sugar!


Yummy! Yummy!


And repeat...lick the sugar!


Eat the sugar!


Thanks, Uncle Bo and Aunt Laura, my first King Cake hit the spot!


No, REALLLLY, thank you! I love you and miss you!



Today was a big milestone for was his first day of Mother's Day Out. He goes once a week from 9a-3p. There are no photos to document his first day because I did not know how it would go, and I did not want to cause a scene with the camera. Miguelito was clingy, but once Miss Jamie came to the door and said, "Good morning, Miguel. Let's go have a snack" he went on in the classroom. After dropping the paperwork at the office, I took a quick peek in his room and saw he was sitting at the table with his friends eating and he was fine, so I made my way to the door trying to hold back tears. Once I got to my car the tears started flowing. He was very happy to see me this afternoon at pick up time and came running to me. He then started blowing kisses to his teachers and saying, "bye, bye, bye." So, day one of MDO...a success!

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Look, Mommy!


Here is my masterpiece!


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We had a low key New Year's Eve. Miguelito was in bed at his usual time after watching a bit of the LSU-Georgia Tech game. Geaux Tigers! William decided to stay up and party with me, so he and I watched the Times Square ball drop together in bed. Miguel numero uno played a computer game (shocker, huh?) until the wee hours of the morning. Today wasn't much better...relaxing, playing with all the new toys, running a few errands, and more gaming for Dad.

A Miguelito funny...I sometimes call the husband "Honey" or "Hon" and Miguelito has taken to hollering "Honey, Honey, Hon, Hon, Hon" when he is looking for Miguel. Guess that will teach the husband to answer me the first time I call for him rather than on the tenth! HA!

Thanks, Aunt Nichole, Uncle Jason, and children, for the cool t-shirts. In case you can't make out what they say...Miguel's says "Big Brothers ROCK" and William's says "Baby Brothers ROCK"


Uhhh, Mommy, are you really going to put a crying William next me.


Hey, look at that our t-shirts match.


Happy New Year's from Miguel and William!