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William, Miguel and I headed to the Dallas Zoo today with our friends. The weather was wonderful and we practically had the zoo to ourselves, which was really nice. William was quite happy to enjoy the sights and sounds, and managed to stay awake for the majority of our visit. Miguel got to pet a rabbit and a guinea pig, and we saw a gorilla, lots of monkeys, an elephant, penguins, giraffes, and alligators. Get ready for lots of photos! (Miguel's eye is red because of allergies from playing in the dirt and sand at the park yesterday.)

Watching the sights from the comfy BOB stroller


Hi, Chunky Monkey!


Hey, Mommy, I am having a "nack" (aka snack)


Did you know there is a horse right there?


Not so sure about the chickens.


I love to slide. Here I go.


Ready and wheeee!


All done. Must slide again.


Miguel with Evy and Sofia. Miguel is kindly pointing out the girls are digging his veggie sticks.


Feeding the alligator. Alligator statue, that is.

2009 02 26_2452

Bye, Mommy. The zoo was fun!

2009 02 26_2455

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Chunky Monkey William turned 4 months old yesterday. He is such an amazing baby...always smiling and so happy. He adores his big brother, Miguel, and constantly turns to watch his every move. Thankfully, Miguel has decided he loves his baby brother and constantly showers him with kisses and "tickle-tickle." William has a sixth sense about when I get dressed in the morning, and usually within 5 minutes I am covered in spit up. He is sneaky and manages to dodge all burp cloths and if he can't spit up on my shoulder and down my back then down the front of my clothes works too. Silly boy. William is very content to play and sleep on his belly, and he is a booby-aholic.William weighed in at 18 pounds 6 ounces (!) and 26 inches long for his 4 month old pediatrician visit. We are so blessed to have William and the joy he brings in our family.

First giggle...William was giggling at Miguelito


I just know he was thinking about how much he loves his Mommy!


I left him playing on his belly and came back a few minutes later to this...


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The past few evenings I have been working on building a freezer stash of things for Miguel's lunches. He goes to MDO and needs a lunch for school, but also for his lunches at home. He is a typical picky two year old and what he eats one day is totally yuck the next. So far in the freezer are 12 cornbread muffins stuffed with diced chicken, peas and shredded cheddar cheese, 24 banana nut mini muffins, and 48 veggie mini muffins. Next on my list to bake are mini spinach quiches and blueberry muffins. I got a few ideas and recipes from a friend's blog. Too bad there aren't any photos...maybe of my next baking session.

Veggie Muffin Recipe (found online)

2 cups whole wheat flour

2-3 T soy flour (optional)

1 t baking soda

1/4 t salt

1/4 cup unsalted butter, softened

1/3 cup brown sugar

2-3 T honey (optional)

1 egg

3 cups pureed veggies (can use baby food)

1 t vanilla

2 t cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350. Spray muffin pans. I used mini muffin pans and baked for 13 minutes. If you use regular muffin pans, bake for 25 minutes. Fill cups 2/3 full. Cool on wire rack. If using baby food, use 2 jars of sweet potatoes, 2 jars of garden/mixed veggies, 1 jar of carrots, 1 jar of peas. You can use steamed veggies in place of baby food and you will need to thin out the batter to the consistency of applesauce by using fruit juice. Can substitute a mashed banana or unsweetened applesauce in place of some of the veggies. Yield: 24 muffins or 48 mini muffins

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I know, I know, I know. I have not been too good about blogging everyday, and yes, I completely understand you (my loyal blog readers) must get your Miguel and William fix. I have a good reason for the lack of blogging...let's see, where to start. Miguelito had double ear infections again, Sweetie came to visit, ice storm in Dallas, husband had a stomach virus for a few days then passed it onto me, William has been perfect and sleeping so well at night (guess that is not an excuse), and life is just plain busy with two children. I hear you, enough excuses, just show us the boys!

My view from the driver seat of William


Miguel on the "go go"


The latest "cheese" face when Miguelito sees the camera


Hamming it up before church


Helping Mommy bake...he insisted on his own bowl of sugar and vanilla


The calm before the storm when mean Mommy took away the bowl of sugar and vanilla


Sweet William asleep in my arms after a busy day