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I have the best intentions of updating the blog every couple of days then life happens….you know, the kind of thing where you look up at the clock and realize “oh holy hell how did it get to be 1130pm already” type of thing. I need to figure out how to add another hour or two to my day, so I can get it all done and still have time to sleep…any suggestions?







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Miguel, William and I packed it up and headed to Baton Rouge for Spring Break since Miguel numero uno is jetting off to a Microsoft conference in Las Vegas. Today, started off with a bang…my darling Miguelito thought 515a would be an excellent wake up time. He NEVER wakes up that early for the day; he is more of a 730a-8a wake up guy. And what toy did he want to play with at that ungodly hour…why, of course, his LSU singing football. I was not exactly thrilled about being serenaded by the LSU fight song over and over and over again at such an early hour, but what’s a mommy to do!?!?

This afternoon one of my dad’s sisters, Aunt Brenda, and her two boys and their wives and children came over for a visit. They all live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and were visiting BR as well. It was great to catch up with them and see their adorable children. In true Miguel fashion, he was playing with Papa T’s old cell phone and refused to put it down for the photos.

Emily, Jackson, Barrett, Miguel, William…take one


Take two!


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It seems like I just posted about William turning 4 months old and here I am again another month gone and sweet William is 5 months old today. He is such a happy baby. You would never know that he has had ear infection after ear infection lately (well, except for not sleeping too great) and is getting tubes on Thursday morning. (Miguel is getting tubes on Thursday morning too.) William is such a happy and silly baby. He smiles at anything and anyone, and is quite the giggler once you get him going. He adores music class, and has even attempted to sing along a few times. William can't wait to sit up and his favorite place to be other than in my arms is in his activity center. Happy 5 Month Birthday, sweet William! We love you.


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Miguelito was thisclose to major meltdown mode yesterday afternoon, so what's a Mommy to do?!?! How about let's make a mess with Play-Doh! William can't get in the action just yet, but he enjoys watching me and Miguelito make all kinds of things out of Play-Doh. Yesterday's hit was "noodles" and lots and lots and lots of noodles.

No smiles, Mommy, I'm busy eating my fingers.


Okay, fine, one smile and then I. am. done.


Play-Doh is very serious work.


Or not.


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We spent the morning at Build A Bear with a few friends to celebrate two cute little boys birthdays who were two years old today. Miguel ran straight to the computers and would have been quite content to sit there for the rest of the party. He did pick out a soft little bear, but the stuffing machine was not his was kind of loud. He thoroughly enjoyed the large container of hearts and managed to stuff about ten into his bear. William was quite the trooper and was content to watch all the action go down from his comfy spot in the stroller. Thanks, Chase and James, for a fun morning!

Ahhh, there is not a computer in the world I can't master!


Look at all these hearts!


The crew of partygoers!

BAB bday

Me love my chocolate!


Investigating the bear's house


Miguel and his bear...oh, wait, is that the camera you have, Mommy?