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Are you tired of photos from St Thomas yet? If you are, too freaking bad. ;) Miguelito and William had quite a bit of fun playing in a “just-their-size” laundry bushel one drizzly morning. They had a blast climbing in and out, and pushing it all around the villa. They were in a photo taking mood and happily let me take photos of them. It was great!

One happy Wood boy in a bushel

St Thomas June 2009 177

Not so happy little brother has joined in the fun

St Thomas June 2009 187

Aww, I love you, baby William

St Thomas June 2009 189

But enough, I’m done.

St Thomas June 2009 191

Haha…my plan worked the bushel is all mine.

St Thomas June 2009 192

Hi handsome William

St Thomas June 2009 200

My big boy, Miguelito. I love you.

St Thomas June 2009 201

Munching on an apple chunk he stole from Miguelito’s plate

St Thomas June 2009 210

Love those baby blues!

St Thomas June 2009 212

Silly “cheese” face!

St Thomas June 2009 215

Miguelito kept saying “Mommy turn” until I took a self portrait of myself.

St Thomas June 2009 227

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Magen’s Bay, one of our favorite places in the world

St Thomas June 2009 065

View from the pool at our villa

St Thomas June 2009 049

Miguel and his mohawk

St Thomas June 2009 052

Cruise ship pulling into Charlotte Amalie just outside our window

St Thomas June 2009 081

View from our balcony

St Thomas June 2009 083

William and his chair. He would crawl under it, bump his head, cry, I would pull him out, and then he would do it again and again and again.

St Thomas June 2009 122

Us on our balcony.

St Thomas June 2009 140

Mommy and her boys

St Thomas June 2009 156

Sweetie, William, Mommy and Miguelito

St Thomas June 2009 172

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Two weeks in paradise with the husband, Miguelito and William plus Sweetie joined us for a week. It was pure bliss until a tremendous thunderstorm one night took out the internet and cable for a few days and lightening struck the elevator in our building (we were on the 3rd floor), William got croup and a sinus infection, Miguelito got double ear infections, and I got a cold. Sounds bad, but we still managed to have an awesome time.

William playing peek a boo with Mommy at Coki Beach

St Thomas June 2009 021

Miguelito running in the waves at Coki Beach. He loved to build sandcastles.

St Thomas June 2009 036

Daddy trying to steal a smooch at Magen’s Bay

St Thomas June 2009 055

William relaxing on the beach at Magen’s Bay. He wasn’t too fond of the sand.

St Thomas June 2009 062

William, Mommy, Daddy and Miguelito (Magen’s Bay)

St Thomas June 2009 075

Sweetie with William, who rather splash in the water than ride in the boat

St Thomas June 2009 096

Where is my booby and bed? I. am. done.

St Thomas June 2009 120

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Miguel did quite a bit of scuba diving while we were on vacation in St Thomas. I did not get to partake in the diving adventures because someone had to entertain the little ones. ;)

Miguel and the fishies


I have no freaking clue what he is doing here. Care to explain, husband?


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One of our favorite parks is Abbott Park. There are lots of different play structures to keep the little ones happy and a few large shady oak trees to keep Mommy cool. William loves the swing, which really cracks me up since Miguel hated the swing as a baby.