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Miguel adores William. William adores Miguel. But, Miguel thinks it is really funny to scream loudly until William cries (usually we are in the car) then Miguel announces to me, “Mommy, William scared,” and proceeds to laugh at William. Thanks for letting me know, Miguel, especially since my eardrums are about to burst from William’s screams, and of course you picked a grand time to start this little game since I am driving and can’t reach his nu-nu. Another favorite is to “tickle tickle, baby” which consists of Miguel attempting to tickle William, usually on his head and way too rough, so then William cries and/or falls over. And not to be forgotten the all time favorite is “run over, baby” which entails Miguel trying to run over William in his Cozy Coupe, which is sad because William loves chasing the car and its moving wheels. I have tried to tell Miguel that one day William will be able to fight back, so he might want to be a little nicer to him because William is taking notes and keeping track of all this “brotherly love.”

Watch out, William! Here hold the keys.


Whatever you think I did, Mommy, I didn’t. I’m innocent.


Just wait, big brother. You just wait and I’ll show you who is boss.


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The boys and I are hanging out with the family in Baton Rouge, and I thought it would be a good time for their first visit to Mike the Tiger at LSU. It was blazing hot yesterday afternoon, but we needed a little after naptime diversion. Uncle Bo and Aunt La came along for the fun too. Unfortunately, Mike was taking his afternoon nap and was oblivious to his visitors, so our visit was quite brief. We will stop by again in the fall when it isn’t 100 degrees outside with 100% humidity. On the way back to Sweetie’s house, Miguelito was not the happiest camper, so we stopped at Circle K for his very first Coke Icee. He was in heaven and drank every. last. drop. while William looked on wondering if his big brother was going to sneak him a sip. Not a chance, lil’ bro.

Mike, where are you?


William taking it all in


Me and my boys, William and a “not so happy Mommy is holding William too” Miguel


Uncle Bo, did you just say “phone”?


First sip of Icee


Pure sugar, yum!


William laughing at Aunt La. Don’t worry, Uncle Bo was driving. ;)


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I thought William looked quite a bit like my brother, Anthony. One day while talking to Nonnie, she mentioned she had a photo of Anthony (aka Uncle Bo) as a baby that looked so much like William. The boys and I went to Nonnie’s house yesterday and I was blown away by the resemblance. Genes are amazing!

William getting in trouble…pulling on Sweetie’s plant


Hanging out with Honey


Anthony, Me, and our cousin, Josh (circa 1980)

Nonnie (old photos) 059

Josh, Me, and Anthony (circa 1980)

Nonnie (old photos) 410

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Miguelito has always loved music. He gets it honestly…Miguel numero uno and his family are all quite musically talented. Me, ehhh, not so much. Miguelito likes to “play” along on his very own guitar while Daddy and friends get their groove on.

Miguel, Miguelito, Ben, and Miguelito’s BFF, Bobby


Clapping to the beat of some 80s hit, I am sure.


Concentrating hard


Sweet boy


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I had great intentions of blogging tonight and putting some incredibly cute photos of Miguelito and William up, but I am tired. A really comfy bed is calling my name quite loudly, so I am giving in. I promise tomorrow to update the blog with photos and a few witty words about what’s been going on in the “coming soon” for sale Wood house. Night night, y’all.