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I took the boys to the Flight Museum a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but a friend of mine was taking her son who is one of Miguel’s buddies so I thought it would be a fun outing for us. Miguel had a grand time running from one big plane to the next, and the play area was a big hit too. He was especially excited to see “Sweetie airplanes.” A Sweetie airplane is any Southwest airplane on the ground or in the sky because Sweetie flies on Southwest Airlines to Dallas Love Field from Louisiana to come visit us often. William was along for the ride, and was thrilled when I buckled him into one of the airplane seats…he thought he was such a big boy.

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William is Mr. Independent when it comes to feeding himself. He eats so much more when left to his own devices even though it means I have to clean up a huge mess. I think he does pretty well for a 10 month old (when these photos were taken).

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I took the boys to the Dallas Zoo about a month ago and I am finally taking the photos off my camera’s card because we are headed back to the zoo tomorrow with our playgroup. We always have a great time when we visit the Dallas Zoo. Miguel’s favorite is the stream in the Children’s Area, which I usually let him play in right before we leave then I bribe him with a ride on the carousel so he will leave the stream without a tantrum. William takes it all in from the stroller, and I am sure he will be very happy when he can walk so he can explore all the fun things he sees his big brother doing.

Posing with a hat…a very rare moment.


Hey, Mommy, look at my teeth.


Think I can hide in the egg from Miguelito?


Brotherly love


Hold my hand, William and we can go down the slide together.


I have conquered the tortoise.


Peek a boo, Mommy, I see you.


Playing in the stream.


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I can’t blame the husband on my lack of blogging of late. If I want to blame, something I guess I need to blame the rat race called life. I have been busy with a sick William (roseola, blood work, hand foot and mouth disease, teething, reflux flare up, upper GI series, more blood work, sinus infection…take your pick), keeping the house in order for showings that sometimes never happen, attempting to entertain the boys while I contemplated building an ark during what felt like two weeks of “is-it-ever-going-to-quit raining?” rainy days, appeasing a teething Miguelito (finally getting his two year molars) and his “I-am-two-and-a-half-years-old-hear-me-scream-oh-wait-now-I-love-you-Mommy” disposition, and a “oh-let-me-guess-you-are-working-late-again-tonight” husband.

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom, though. There have been many redeeming moments. William sleeping until 5am a few times (AMEN! and will someone please tell William it is okay to sleep through the night every night), Miguelito giving me unasked for hugs and kisses while telling me in his sweet little voice “I love you, Mommy,” my husband found the dishwasher in the kitchen and figured out how to use it once or twice (it’s a start, love you, hon), a much needed visit from Sweetie, and quite possibly two of the funniest things Miguelito has ever said happened today.

Funny number one: Husband was trying to park my Escalade in a parking spot. Husband pulled in the parking place only to have to back up and straighten the car out, and while doing so Miguelito piped up from the backseat to say, “try again, Daddy.” Funny number two: Husband pulled into the garage (again, driving my Escalade) and tapped the wall of the garage with the front of the car, and Miguelito said, “Daddy, hit the wall.” Backseat drivers, hmmmpf.

(The next post will have photos, I promise.)

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The lack of blogging is all my husband’s fault…well, only partially, but I have to blame someone. The part that is his fault: living with a super geek of a husband means I get to try out all the latest and greatest stuff (like Windows 7…it rocks!), but it also means he commandeers my laptop and when I finally get my little hands on it again there are issues (like forgetting to install Live Writer, which I use for blogging) that I need his help to sort out. But, alas, I am back. The part that isn’t his fault: two of the cutest active little boys, who keep their Mommy hopping. William has been sick again (a couple of times), and Miguel has been on summer break from MDO, which starts again on Tuesday (can I get an AMEN?). In between running an infirmary, we have been keeping busy and visiting all of our favorite places in Dallas. So, without further ado (or complaining) here is our life in photos…fun with paint, playing at the park, and Dallas World Aquarium.