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I took the boys to the Arboretum’s pumpkin patch for a mini session with Elizabeth and you could say they were less than cooperative. William clung to me like a rhesus monkey, would not let me put him near the pumpkins, and pretty much just cried unless I was holding him. Miguel thought it would be great to run away from us after briefly posing for a few photos. Running after him through the mud and crowds of people while holding a 25 pound baby on your hip…let’s just say I got my workout. But, it was totally worth it!

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Can you believe it is already time to start thinking (aka worrying) about Christmas cards? Leave the worries behind and check out my incredibly talented and awesome friend, Emily, and her Christmas card design business. She’ll even mail them for you too! Now that’s just plain awesome.

 the dotted line

(If I was even remotely computer/blog literate I would figure out how to post her cute button on my blog, but I’ll save that for another day.)

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Each year Miguel and William paint a canvas on their birthday. William was so into painting his canvas…he used his whole hand to paint and squeezed the paint between his chubby fingers. He loved it and was mad when I took the canvas and acrylic paints away. It was a challenge to photograph him while he painted and attempt to keep the mess contained.

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Miguel doesn’t like to sit still for more than 5 seconds so getting him to eat his dinner (or any meal) can be a challenge. A few nights ago William was eating his first “Nonnie spaghetti” dinner and making a huge mess, so I got out the camera. Miguel wanted his picture taken too, so in hopes of getting him to eat more than 3 bites before running off I told him I would take his photo for every bite he ate. The bonus was he got to look at his photo in the camera. Hook, line and sinker…Miguel made a happy plate! Oh, and William did too but that is nothing new!

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William celebrated his first birthday with a small party, cake (which he smashed with a spoon then fed himself) and presents. At one years old, William is quite goofy, loves to shake his head no, speed crawl after his brother, finds trouble wherever he goes, is quite noisy and strong willed, loves cell phones and laptops, and gives the best kisses. William, we love you very much!



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Every Saturday during LSU football season we all dress in our purple and gold, and usually head out for a bit of family fun and lunch in Dallas. This past weekend, though, I was in Baton Rouge with the boys (we will be here for a couple of weeks). Daddy was lucky enough to score Stadium Club tickets for himself and a couple of friends for the LSU v. Florida game, so flew in to go to the game. He had to drop by Sweetie’s house to give William a big hug for his 1st birthday before heading out to tailgate. Let’s not talk about the game, okay.


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Our last hoorah at spray park for the summer! William was fearless. Miguel was loving it. My boys are water bugs.

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I tried to get a cute photo of Miguel wearing his backpack on the first day of MDO this year, but he was not cooperating. A few days later I managed to snap this one really fast.