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*pictures of the boys *update on us (don’t worry, nothing exciting) *re-cap of Thanksgiving *anything else I deem blog worthy

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On Halloween, William had his one year old session (cry, sniffle, baby is one) with the fabulous Jen and we snuck in family photos too. Jen’s amazing talent takes my breath away each time I see my children through her camera lens, and she certainly did not disappoint this time around. I have no idea how I am going to choose photos because they are all abso-freaking-lutely awesome. Enjoy the slideshow and be sure to turn on/up your speakers.


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I was cooking and left the refrigerator open after grabbing a few things out of it when I turned around 3 seconds later this is what I saw:

Cheese, lettuce and chicken fettuccine…YUM!


What do you mean “let’s put it all back in the fridge”?


See, Mommy, I had a good reason to clear off the shelf…I’m playing a drum.


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Miguel pushing William as fast as he can down the hall while William laughs hysterically. It is too cute!


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Miguelito the LSU football player


William the turtle


One big happy family!


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We had William’s one year photo session and snuck in a few family photos too with Jen . It’s no secret I am a huge fan of Jen. She works magic with my children and let me tell you yesterday she had her work cut out for her. Miguel was in typical 2 year old mode and William was feisty as well. It is a very good thing I know Jen and trust her when she says they are doing great because from the outside looking in it looked like pure chaos.

Check out my boys!