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Each year, we go on a horse drawn carriage ride through Highland Park to see all the Christmas lights. Last year, we had to cancel because William was in the hospital, so I was really looking forward to this year. The weather was chilly, so we snuggled under blankets for our hour long ride. Miguelito serenaded us with Jingle Bells and “the other Jingle Bells” (aka Jingle Bell Rock) about a thirty or forty times, and William was content to sit on my lap and point up to the lights in the trees. Miguel and I were both pretty shocked they did so well considering it was way past their bedtime by the time we were done. It was a great evening and a tradition we look forward to continuing each year. 031 034

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Our very sweet and much loved Ms Jennie is not going to be teaching music class next semester, and quite frankly we are devastated. Miguel adores Ms Jennie, and she (I think!) adores him. When I was hugely pregnant with William last fall, Ms Jennie would hold Miguel and dance with him during the free dance song. He instantly bonded with her and her fun outgoing personality, and let’s not forget her beautiful voice. Miguel calls the CDs from music class “Jennie class music CD” usually followed by “now, Mommy.” We (William included) have been students of Ms Jennie’s for 4 semesters now, and we just can’t imagine music class without her. We will miss you dearly, Ms. Jennie.

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My Miguel is getting so big. I am thisclose to a breakdown when I think of him turning 3 years old in January. He has turned into quite the chatterbox, adores anything with a button, knows how to work my computer better than I do, full of energy and is non stop action, and a well mannered sweetheart, who gives the best kisses and can pout with the best of them. (I have no idea where he got that from.)

He loves to wear his glasses “like Super Why". (The redness around his mouth is strawberries.)


Mommy and Miguel at his MDO’s Thanksgiving Feast


Sitting with a few of his classmates


Showing off his feather headband