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Gosh, it feels like I just blogged about Miguel’s 2nd birthday canvas painting here and here yesterday, but, alas, it was a year ago. He enjoyed painting his canvas and had been looking forward to doing it since he saw William paint his in October. He was into blending the colors and asked for more paint a couple of times. When he was finished, he pronounced the painting “his family” and decided he wanted to be camera shy and hide behind his finished work of art while holding it sideways. And just for fun here is his first birthday canvas.

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William was rocking the mullet, so on Christmas Eve we decided to get his  haircut. He did great as long as he had a Dum Dum sucker in his mouth at all times until right at the end when he decided he was done. As in done right. now. don’t. come. near. me. again. with. the. scissors. So, alas, no after photo.

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Miguel is “free,” which is his way of saying he is three years old. Happy Birthday, sweet boy! He adores Super Why and wanted a Super Why cake. I made his cake, and I was quite proud of it since it was the first cake I ever decorated. We celebrated his birthday in Baton Rouge this past weekend and again tonight on his actual birthday.

At three years old, Miguel loves to sing, play “go to the store,” help me cook, and jump off the fireplace. He continues to be fascinated with technology, and asked for a camera and an iphone for Christmas. He knows all his letters (upper and lowercase), has just started writing M and i, and can recognize/sight read family member’s names along with some words.


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