Posted by Cara on 2/11/2010 9:30 PM | Comments (13)

Lots of snow in Dallas today. The boys were happy to walk around in our driveway for a few minutes then they were ready to head inside. William was mesmerized by the falling flakes and Miguel told me he was a penguin as he made footprints in the snow. We lost electricity around 7pm tonight and I am hoping it comes back on sooner than later. AMEN, the lights are back on at 830pm!!!

Front of our house


William meeting snow for the first time


Miguel tasting the snow


So excited and holding two suckers from his school Valentine’s party


William not so sure about it all, but a sucker makes it better


Miguel’s coat isn’t missing a button. hehe


William in our driveway…he only took a few steps in the snow


Miguel, the penguin.


Posted by Cara on 2/2/2010 2:05 PM | Comments (39)

Oh, don’t mind me…I’m just over here trying to recover from the past few weeks of hell I have been living through. Miguel travelled for 3 weeks doing his work thing, and pretty much froze his buns off in NYC, Boston, and Chicago while I stayed at home to tend the boys and house. It should have been a piece of cake, but my boys, well, they had other ideas. The boys decided they both needed to come down with RSV at the same time, and life came to a screeching halt for 10 days. For 10 days, they hacked up a lung up night and day while I tortured them with inhalers and round the clock breathing treatments, I wiped snotty noses, went through more Motrin and Tylenol than I care to admit, William puked every time he had a coughing spell, which was especially wonderful at 3am and all over the carpet and me, and pretty much watched so much TV that I can sing every damn song from all the most annoying cartoons on PBS Kids and Nick Jr., which has lead to a burning desire to hurt Ming Ming from The Wonder Pets if I hear that whiney voice of his again.

But, you know what? I survived the worst 10 days I have ever experienced as a mother of two children under 3 years old, and if that is the worst then I am pretty darn lucky.

Our house is still on the market (someone, please come buy it, pleasepleasepleaseplease), and I am happy to report as of about an hour ago all traces of the coughing puke fest are now gone (thanks to zerorez)

So, with all that fun behind me I can’t wait see what the spring will hold for us.