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William wanted nothing to do with the stroller and thought he needed to run in the opposite direction of Miguel at all times.

Dallas Zoo April 2010 004

Such a serious face from Miguel

Dallas Zoo April 2010 007

Our visit to the Zoo took a turn for the worse when Miguel tripped and got a bo bo on his knee. He was momentarily cheered up by a Mickey Mouse bandaid, but his mood never really improved. Miguel can not stand the sight of blood, and most certainly takes after his Sweetie and the Bologna side of the family.

Dallas Zoo April 2010 008

William is explaining to me that I better give him the camera or else he is going to put the smack down on me.

Dallas Zoo April 2010 016

And it was at this exact moment, I knew it was time to pack it up and call it a day. 2 unhappy crying hungry boys = 1 stressed Mommy

Dallas Zoo April 2010 017

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Last week, we rode on the McKinney Avenue Trolley for the first time in a long while. I forgot how much fun it is, and both the boys had a blast. Miguel loved looking out the window and pointing to everything we rode by, and William was in awe.


Today was the Spring Carnival and Silent Auction at Miguel’s MDO. It was so much fun, and I am so thankful it was a huge success. William stayed home with our favorite sitter while Miguel and I took Miguelito to the Carnival. Miguelito really enjoyed having 100% of our attention, and by far his favorite ride was the race car train, which he rode at least 10 times. He also enjoyed the bounce house until he bounced right on out of it and the bowling game. He is still not a fan of pony rides or the petting zoo…maybe next year, but he was quite proud of his “tattoo.”

053 081

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Last weekend, Chera took the boys’ annual bluebonnet photos, and it was no small feat getting Miguel and William to cooperate. William was scared of the prickly grass and did not want to sit down while Miguel was in pure “cheese” smile mode.

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