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The boys and I have been busy. Really busy. Every day I try my hardest to keep them entertained and having fun. In all my efforts, I have not been very good at taking photos. I’ve just been too busy running after them or trying to keep them alive to break out the camera. So far, we’ve been visiting the pools/spray grounds a few times a week, bouncing at Pump It Up, checked out the new exhibit at the Dallas Zoo, went to the movies, and played at Chuck E. Cheese. I’ll be back soon with photos…I promise!

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I’m never one to shy away from letting the boys make complete and utter messes in the house. They need to be able to experience textures and explore their environment, but that doesn’t always mean I am thrilled with cleaning up the end result.

*Please ignore the fact that the photos are in reverse order. Oops!

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Life has been busy in the Wood household, so here’s a quick re-cap for you. I promise to post a few photos soon.

Miguel and I took our first vacation without the boys last week. We went to Hawaii and stayed at the Marriott’s Ko Olina resort. It was pure bliss, quiet, and relaxing…just what we both needed. The boys were spoiled by Sweetie, Papa T, Aunt La La, Uncle Bo, and Nonnie while we were in Hawaii, and I was gone for a few days before they even asked for me.

Miguel and William are keeping me on my toes. Miguel talks a mile a minute, and is growing into such a sweet little boy. In a couple of days, we are going to tackle potty training…wish me luck. William might give me a heart attack with his daredevil ways (inherited from his father). He loves to climb, run, and jump. His favorite activity is to climb on the dining room table and swing the chandelier.

We have a busy summer ahead of us with trips to San Antonio, Baton Rouge, and Aruba planned along with lots swimming, play dates, and as much fun as you can have in 100+ degree heat!