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The boys and I have been in Baton Rouge terrorizing the locals for a couple of weeks while husband has been busy with work in DC and Dallas. We are heading back to Dallas this weekend provided TS Bonnie doesn’t derail those plans. We have had so much fun in Baton Rouge, and are incredibly sad to go back to Dallas.

Miguel: pedals a tricycle, adores Raising Cane’s, loves going with Sweetie every morning in “Sweetie’s black BMW car in my [car] seat” to Kids Count, and thinks (scratch that, knows) his Uncle Bo and Aunt La La hung the moon just for him.

William: found his dance groove, outgrew his sandals (now in a size 7), hollers “Mom-meeeeeeee” every morning when he wakes up, loves to hide in Sweetie’s window curtains, knows where Nonnie keeps the Andes mints stash, and gives knuckle bumps to everyone.

Baton Rouge July 2010 082 Baton Rouge July 2010 048

Baton Rouge July 2010 087 Baton Rouge July 2010 060 Baton Rouge July 2010 052 Baton Rouge July 2010 038 Baton Rouge July 2010 021 Baton Rouge July 2010 018 Baton Rouge July 2010 017 Baton Rouge July 2010 004 Baton Rouge July 2010 001

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Dallas summer heat + two boys full of energy = weekly regulars at Pump It Up’s open bounce time

017 016 008 006 002 001

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It just so happens our very favorite sitter mentioned she had today open. I thought it would be great to have her watch the boys this afternoon and evening. I am leaving with the boys to go to Baton Rouge this weekend, and had a ton of laundry, house cleaning, and packing to do. The husband had an after work thing to do, so I figured I would go to a movie. As in go to a movie alone. Do you know how long it has been since I went to a movie alone? A very long time.

While we were in Hawaii I read all three of the books by Steig Larsson, so I was positively giddy when I heard they were being made into movies. First up was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which I saw tonight. It had subtitles, and was great. I don’t ever think the movies live up to the books, but the movie was quite enjoyable, and it was fun to see the book characters come to life.

So, tonight, I watched a movie in a theater surrounded by couples and groups of friends, and it was positively wonderful to do something for me. Just me.


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I had been planning for a couple of weeks to leave William with our favorite sitter and spend a day with Miguel. Just Miguel and Mommy. I thought it would be fun to ride the Forest Park Train in Fort Worth then go visit the Fort Worth Children's Museum.. I carefully planned our day, checked the train schedule/calendar, printed out directions, and scheduled our sitter for William. Fast forward to this morning, we left on time and had 30 minutes to spare before the first train of the day left the depot. We arrived to a locked gate and a handwritten sign saying “Closed Tuesday.” Seriously!?!? We ended up at the Fort Worth Zoo, and oh. my. gosh. it was so hot then we cooled off with lunch at Kincaids. We had a great time together even if it wasn’t what I had originally planned.

Pouting because it’s hot, the zoo isn’t open, and the train is closed…not a great way to start off the morning

 July 2010 008

Demanding entrance to the zoo

July 2010 013 

Checking out the large crocodile sunning himself

July 2010 041

Enjoying a cheeseburger, fries, and “orange drink”

July 2010 048

Poopy update: Miguel is now officially completely potty trained. He pooped on the potty for the first time Friday night for our sitter, and since then he has mastered the poop on the potty multiple times. Woohoo! As his pooping in the potty reward, he wanted to go to the Galleria to get a Pillow Pet and visit the candy store. He is the proud owner of a Pillow Pet and probably multiple cavities.

Miguel and Daddy Day: Miguel saw Toy Story 3 with Daddy on Monday. He loved the movie and wore the 3D glasses for the whole movie. Yay for the holiday and time with Daddy.

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The boys love to hang in the kitchen helper when I’m working in the kitchen. They like to help me make dinner, play with my laptop that lives on the kitchen counter, and get into whatever happens to be lying around on the counters. The problem is there is only one kitchen helper and one laptop, so often there are some “lively discussions” (aka screaming) between the two of them about who gets control. See the below photos from William’s perspective.

Ahhh…Mommy’s laptop.  SCORE!

June 2010 011 

No, I want it. It’s all MINE!

June 2010 009

See, here is my mean face. Back off Miguel, it’s mine.

June 2010 010

William 1. Miguel 0.

  June 2010 006

Hear the angels singing! I. must. have. control.

June 2010 005

Oh, wait just a second. You have a snack. I want your snack. Feed me!

June 2010 004

See, I’m the baby. I get what I want or I scream.

 June 2010 001

In other news, Miguel is pretty much completely pee pee potty trained. He won’t even hear of pooping on the potty, and, believe me, I’ve bribed with just about everything I can think of, including the forbidden iphone. It’s a no go. I know he will do it in his own time and won’t go to kindergarten pooping in a diaper, at least that’s what I tell myself. Probably a bit more than you wanted to know, but oh well.

Miguel is starting to show an interest in writing letters and is sight reading so many words. He is a pro at the Memory Game, can rhyme with the best of them, and is in love with Toy Story.

William is hitting his stride with the whole I-am-almost-two-years-old-look-at-me-throw-a-temper-tantrum business. He is fiercely independent and completely goofy. He rarely cuddles unless it was his idea, and is all about being on the move. He is Miguel’s best audience and thinks he can do anything and everything his big brother does.