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Miguel and I took the boys to Aruba for our summer family vacation. It was fabulous! We spent every day at the pool with our little fishies. Miguel and William have no fear around the water and spent the majority of our pool time going down the water slide. We spent some time at the beach too. I snuck off to the spa for a few hours and Miguel managed to sneak in a couple of scuba dives and a bit of work too. We came home tan, relaxed and ready to conquer the new school year.

So happy to be independent in the water!

Aruba 019

Watch out, SHARK!

Aruba 017

So happy!

Aruba 016

My sweet boy, Miguel

Aruba Aug 2010 010 Aruba Aug 2010 180

Above: “my feet are touching the sand” freakout

Peanut butter crackers make everything better.

Aruba Aug 2010 165

A little post ice cream cone Tiger cheer in the town square. William is ready for LSU football season to start.

Aruba Aug 2010 025