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I took the boys along with the help of my brother, Uncle Bo, to see Mike the Tiger on LSU’s campus. Our last visit to see Mike didn’t go so well, so we were thrilled to get there and see Mike on the prowl. Mike was pacing in his exhibit then he went for a swim a couple of times, and even came nose to nose (through the glass, of course) with William. The boys were excited to see Mike, and Miguel has decided we need to go visit him again. Bo and I joked that Mike was agitated because of LSU’s loss to Auburn last night.

Mike the Tiger October 2010 051Mike the Tiger October 2010 044Mike the Tiger October 2010 038Mike the Tiger October 2010 033Mike the Tiger October 2010 026Mike the Tiger October 2010 018Mike the Tiger October 2010 007

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In keeping with tradition, William painted his 2nd birthday canvas this week. He was very focused on painting, and did not like it when I tried to get him to look up for the camera. He used the paintbrush for the entire canvas, and only dipped his fingers in the paint once or twice. He immediately asked for his fingers to be cleaned. I determined his painting was complete when he started painting his arms with the acrylics. When I put his canvas on the counter to dry, he told me “one more,” which is William-ese for “Can I have another canvas to paint?” Here is William’s first birthday canvas for comparison.

2nd birthday canvas 002

2nd birthday canvas 003

2nd birthday canvas 010

2nd birthday canvas 019

2nd birthday canvas 033

2nd birthday canvas 040

2nd birthday canvas 037

2nd birthday canvas 043

2nd birthday canvas 044

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The incredibly patient Heather of Heather Family Photos took pumpkin photos of Miguel and William at Frisco Heritage Museum in September, and can I tell you she got a workout. Miguel and William thought it would be a great idea to toss the pumpkins at she and I along with giving either no smiles or their best scrunched nose cheese smiles. She was so patient and friendly with the boys, and really let them warm up to her before jumping into our session, which was exactly what they needed. I couldn’t pick my favorites, so be warned there are quite a few photos coming up!


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La (aka. Laura, my brother’s wife) and I took Miguel and William to the NOLA Children's Museum and we had a blast! There were so many fun things to explore…Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, Winn Dixie grocery store, bubbles, train tables, and NOLA shipping port. It was our first visit to the museum, and I know we will go back again. Please excuse the less than stellar photos…the lighting wasn’t the best in the museum.

NOLA Children's Museum Oct 2010 109NOLA Children's Museum Oct 2010 100NOLA Children's Museum Oct 2010 088NOLA Children's Museum Oct 2010 082NOLA Children's Museum Oct 2010 076NOLA Children's Museum Oct 2010 066NOLA Children's Museum Oct 2010 051NOLA Children's Museum Oct 2010 045NOLA Children's Museum Oct 2010 017NOLA Children's Museum Oct 2010 007

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The boys and I along with our much loved road warrior, Sweetie, drove to Baton Rouge last Friday. After 7 hours in the car, the boys were ready to burn off some energy when we arrived at Sweetie and Papa T’s house. They headed straight for the backyard where William showed off his daredevil ways. Of course, Sweetie needed help watering her plants, which quickly turned into a game of “let’s try to wet everyone on the patio.” In the end, we were all soaked, but a fabulous time was had by all!

Baton Rouge Oct 2010 058Baton Rouge Oct 2010 040Baton Rouge Oct 2010 022Baton Rouge Oct 2010 018Baton Rouge Oct 2010 015Baton Rouge Oct 2010 009Baton Rouge Oct 2010 005Baton Rouge Oct 2010 050Baton Rouge Oct 2010 051Baton Rouge Oct 2010 052Baton Rouge Oct 2010 054

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My sweet William turned two years old on October 10th. William has grown into an amazing toddler. He has a goofy personality, and laughs at his own antics, he idolizes Miguel and copies every. single. thing. he does, and he is very strong willed. He has an opinion about everything, and lets me know exactly what he wants. William says many words, but his favorites are “oh, wow!,” “Go Tee-gahs,” “ouch,” and “momma.”

We celebrated William’s birthday last Thursday with pizza and Dimples cupcakes with a few friends before Miguel flew to Redmond and we left for Baton Rouge. We celebrated again on his actual birthday with a Buzz Lightyear cake made by yours truly, lots of presents, and family in Baton Rouge. William adored being the center of attention and knew it was his special day.

Happy 2nd Birthday, William!

Baton Rouge Oct 2010 128Baton Rouge Oct 2010 127

Baton Rouge Oct 2010 332Baton Rouge Oct 2010 327Baton Rouge Oct 2010 309Baton Rouge Oct 2010 256Baton Rouge Oct 2010 211Baton Rouge Oct 2010 165

Baton Rouge Oct 2010 076

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I love fall weather, and it has officially arrived here in Dallas, which means it’s pumpkin patch time! The boys and I along with a sweet friend and her son spent the morning at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch It was a blast! The boys loved all the bounce houses, the character cutouts, and the hayride. The best part of it all was we got there right when they opened and had the place to ourselves for at least 45 minutes. Lots of photos ahead….

Pumpkin Patch October 2010 169Pumpkin Patch October 2010 158Pumpkin Patch October 2010 152Pumpkin Patch October 2010 151Pumpkin Patch October 2010 140Pumpkin Patch October 2010 138Pumpkin Patch October 2010 135Pumpkin Patch October 2010 121Pumpkin Patch October 2010 118Pumpkin Patch October 2010 094Pumpkin Patch October 2010 086Pumpkin Patch October 2010 071Pumpkin Patch October 2010 064Pumpkin Patch October 2010 058Pumpkin Patch October 2010 055Pumpkin Patch October 2010 052Pumpkin Patch October 2010 045Pumpkin Patch October 2010 037Pumpkin Patch October 2010 035Pumpkin Patch October 2010 032Pumpkin Patch October 2010 012Pumpkin Patch October 2010 008

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Miguel and William love markers. William especially loves to write on anything…his body, kitchen cabinets, garbage cans, refrigerators, you get the point. I often roll out a very long piece of paper on the kitchen floor and let the boys have at it while I cook dinner. Markers and paper never get old in this house.