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Miguel’s school had a Thanksgiving feast last Monday with a few crafts and games. It was so much fun being in his classroom and seeing him interact with his friends. His school does carpool, so I don’t ever get a chance to actually walk in his classroom. I left William with our sitter since new places and lots of faces equal a very unhappy, clingy William, and enjoyed the couple of hours with Miguel. He was excited to show me the classroom pets…Nina the guinea pig is his favorite, and his teacher said he visits her every day.


Husband news: Platelet count is 158, which is fabulous. Bone marrow biopsy is on hold for now. As long as his platelets maintain/increase at next week’s lab draw then the very slow weaning off the steroids begins. Good news!

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Life has a way of making you feel like a fool. My last blog post was about finding our stride after a shaky start to the school year. Well, little did I know what was waiting just ahead for us. Miguel and I kissed our boys goodbye, which it must be noted our leaving barely registered with them because oh. my. gosh. Uncle Bo and Aunt La are here! At our house in Dallas! Anyway, we kissed them goodbye and drove to Houston for Miguel’s best friend’s wedding. Miguel was the best man in the wedding, and I was eagerly looking forward to three nights of uninterrupted sleep and breakfast in bed each morning.

Long story short…less than 24 hours after our arrival in Houston, Miguel was in the ER of The Methodist Hospital with a critically low platelet count. In fact it was so low, the original result of 2 was considered “exaggerated” by his hematology team. A normal platelet count is around 150-400. After lots of tests, the internationally renowned hematologist and his groupies (aka. fellows) determined Miguel had ITP. Over the course of 4 days he received IVIG, mega doses of steroids, and one transfusion of platelets. All of that only brought his platelet count to 29, and we were discharged to come back to Dallas with strict instructions to follow up with a hematologist.

And, yes, he missed the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. I went to the wedding, and it was beautiful. I only wish Miguel could have been there with me instead of in the hospital.

Now here we are more than 2 weeks into this new diagnosis, and Miguel’s platelet count is steadily decreasing rather than increasing. As of Monday, it was 17, and steroids were started again. We have full confidence in our hematologist at UT Southwestern in Dallas, but she is stumped. She feels we aren’t dealing with “ordinary ITP,” but something else as well. If her determination to figure out Miguel’s complicated case is measured in the number of tubes of blood she has drawn from him in the past 2 weeks, I would say that she is one incredibly determined doctor.

Up next week is the routine weekly lab work, a bone marrow biopsy, and hopefully a few answers. Through all of this Miguel has physically felt good and continues to go to work every day, and for that we feel very blessed.

So, I’ve learned my lesson. Never again will I mention hitting my stride, finding a routine or in general enjoying the status quo thank you very much.

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Could it be that we are finally settling into a school year routine?!?! With the boys starting and stopping school all in one week at the beginning of September and knowing we were going to Baton Rouge for 3 weeks in October, I opted to not start Miguel at his new preschool until the beginning of November. I am over the moon happy with his new school, and he is too, which is awesome. William is staying home with me, and we will revisit the whole preschool thing next school year for him.

We’ve had a few other changes since August that have given life an interesting twist, but I can confidently say we are hitting our stride…finally.

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Miguel and William both wanted to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween.  After multiple attempts at convincing one to be Woody and the other Buzz it was a no go, so they were Buzz to the power of two.

We celebrated at Sweetie's school since we were in Baton Rouge with lots of candy and snacks. I made Mummy Munch with them to give to their friends at Sweetie’s school and the teachers. Neither were really excited to take photos in their costumes (evidence: photos below). We drove back to Dallas on Halloween so we didn’t get to trick-or-treat that evening.

Halloween 2010 029Halloween 2010 014Halloween 2010 012Halloween 2010 011