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My Nikon camera took a little nose dive off the kitchen counter courtesy of a well meaning munchkin, and has been sent to Nikon for repairs. The timing of the incident was not great since this was Miguel’s last week of PreK 3 at The Science School….and I have no photos to show for it.

I’ll be back to posting regular updates on all the fun the boys and I are having together this summer once my camera returns. Up this weekend is a visit with Sweetie and enjoying Daddy being off from work.

Don’t forget to vote for Jen and Sugar Photography…see the details in the below post!

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Before I had children I happened upon a photographer’s website and was instantly smitten with her talent. I knew at that moment whenever I had children she would be the one to photograph their birth, infancy, toddler, preschool years, and let me stop now before I shed a tear because my babies are not going to get any older.

What I did not know was that I would come to cherish this person and her talent, and I would think of her every day as my family’s faces looked back at me from the photos she took hanging on the many walls of my home.

The photographer I am speaking of is Jennifer Weintraub of Sugar Photography , and not only is she an amazing photographer with a talent that can only be described as heaven sent she is an incredible woman who truly cares about her clients and treats them like family. I am honored to know Jen, and be a client of Sugar Photography.

Now here comes the part where I need a favor from you. Jen has been selected as a finalist by the editors of D Magazine in D Magazine’s Best of Big D Readers’ Choice 2011: Services Poll. This is a HUGE honor for Jen!

Follow this link to D Magazine to vote for Jen and Sugar Photography. You can vote every hour from now until May 29th, and there is even an app to let you vote from your phone. Happy voting and thank you for supporting Jen!

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There’s no doubt about it…I am fully entitled to a little self-preservation, and if you don’t believe me take a look at the photos.

On our short one block walk home from my first day (read: self-preservation) at Equinox fitness center, William tripped with a bit of “help” from big brother, Miguel, who then tripped over William lying on the sidewalk and landed on top of William’s head earning William those pretty abrasions under his left eye. I’m pretty sure anyone within a 5 mile radius of us heard the screaming from both the boys.


Earlier in the day, William had a massive meltdown including flinging his body to the hardwood floor which escalated rather quickly when he saw me with the camera. He made it very clear to me he was not happy being photographed mid-tantrum. Let it be known he nor I have the slightest clue as to what caused the meltdown.


Yep, I signed up for those weekly yoga classes and booked a babysitter plus I joined Equinox fitness center to get my daily dose of self-preservation. And, you know what…I don’t feel guilty. at. all.  (okay, well maybe just a little bit.)


Update on husband: Miguel’s platelet level is holding steady, and all other blood work was completely normal. He will follow up with monthly blood work and once a quarter with his hematologist. Yippee!

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The boys and I along with our good friends who were visiting from Houston visited the new LEGOLAND Discovery Center. I was not quite sure what to expect and how the boys would like it, but it managed to keep them entertained for close to 3 hours, which is incredible by my standards. They loved exploring and I loved that it was small enough to keep my eyes on them at all times even if they went in different directions.

Miguel “helping” William climb into the lion



Getting ready to race his car down the ramp


On your mark, get set, GO!





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Not sure how I missed posting about our visit to the Arboretum with Sweetie, but I did. We had a wonderful morning together even if Miguel refused to get out of the stroller.