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Miguel and William finished their two week swim class session, and loved every minute of it. We have been swimming at least 2-3 times a week, and practicing all they have learned. Miguel is diving in the pool and swimming (not with arms yet) at least 10-15 feet to me or whoever is waiting for him. William wears his puddle jumper, and jumps in with or without it on…no fear at all. It’s a good thing and a scary thing.

William is taking a “breather” (aka time out) during his last swim class. He kept jumping off the platform in the pool while he was waiting his turn, and one of the three teachers in the pool would have to grab him. NO. FEAR.


Last week, Miguel went to The Little Gym camp for three afternoons with one of his best buddies from school. They were so excited to see each other…it was adorable. We also rode the McKinney Avenue Trolley with another good friend and her son. William insisted on sitting with the “big boys.”


We also went to Northpark to take part in the Bookmarks (Dallas Public Library) weekly show for pre-school children. It was Caribbean music, and the boys were happy to show off their moves. We ended up spending the majority of the day at Northpark being entertained in the Disney store, Bookmarks, Apple store, Lego store, and lunch at their favorite, Chick Fil A.








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Miguel and William just finished their first swim class of the summer. They love the water, and are always excited for swim class, which is a good thing since it was every day for two weeks.

As luck would have it the day I brought the camera is the day William was quite unhappy about not being able to play in the indoor playground at the swim school that is for swim campers only. He kept saying he wanted to be a “camper and play over there.”

His swim teachers were shocked to see me carry a screaming William into the pool area and plop him onto the steps while Miguel trailed behind asking William to be quiet. They did their best to make him happy, but he would have none of it. Miguel even tried to cheer up his brother with splashes, but no luck.

Finally the last ten minutes of class found William happily cannonballing into the pool, and high fiving his teachers. Silly boy.


Pre-meltdown William

Swim class June 2011 001

Goggled up and ready to go.

Swim class June 2011 002


Swim class June 2011 004

Swim class June 2011 006

Ready, set, jump, Miguel!

Swim class June 2011 039

Miguel practicing floating after jumping in the pool

Swim class June 2011 044

William’s turn. Airborne!

Swim class June 2011 020

Back floating, William.

Swim class June 2011 023

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My Nikon has made a full recovery and the I-put-it-in-a-very-safe-place-but-can’t-find-it memory card has been found, so we are back in action as of tonight!

The boys and I have started Summer 2011 off with a bang. They are taking swim classes once a day, and loving it. William is a daredevil and loves to cannonball off the side of the pool. He happily wears goggles, drinks the pool water instead of blowing bubbles, puts his head under the water, floats on his back, and spends a bit of class time riding on his teacher’s back while she works with the two other children in his class in order to keep the little maniac safe. Miguel is also loving swim although he is a bit more cautious than William. Miguel is swimming almost the length of the pool, and working on getting his arms moving in the right direction. He thinks goggles are too cool, loves to float on his back, is working on getting the hang of taking a breath while swimming, and can still tread water like a ten year old.

I am doing my best to keep the munchkins entertained so after swim lessons we head out to do something fun…Cars 2 exhibit, Flight museum, Children’s Aquarium, Pump It Up, and LEGOland are just a few of things we have done or will do by the end of this week.

The boys and I also go to Equinox each day, so I can workout and have a bit of me time. We joined a local pool so we can hang out there too, and one of the best things about the pool is the swim up bar that is open every. single. day. Um, hello, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!”

Summer is here, and Camp Mommy is in full swing!


A very proud Miguel on his last day of PreK 3. It was pajama day in case you were wondering.

last day of prek3