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Miguel Lego Land

The boys and I have gone to LEGOLand at least four times this summer, and every time Miguel has said he didn’t want to do karaoke. Well, this last time with Sweetie there to witness it all he figured out the karaoke machine had Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer, and he belted out the song (really, just the chorus) at least 10 times. Thankfully it was pretty quiet at LEGOLand and he was able to monopolize the karaoke stage. My little rock star wannabe!

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We have one last day of vacation, and I’ll post many more photos once I go through them all in a few days. But…to hold y’all over till I do here are the cutie patooties soaking up the Caribbean.


St. Kitts August 2011 314

St. Kitts August 2011 192

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William’s first day of pre-school was a complete success! He was so excited about wearing his backpack and holding his lunch box…it was too cute. He kissed me goodbye, walked into the playroom, and jumped on a toy. When I arrived to pick him up, his teachers said he had a wonderful tears, enjoyed playing with the children, and had fun.

One thing that surprised me about today was Miguel. By mid-morning he was wondering when we were going to go pick up William, and said he missed him. Miguel had camp this afternoon and I picked up William before Miguel…it was adorable when Miguel and William saw each other they started hugging and saying “I missed you.” Brotherly love!






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The boys and I have been keeping busy. So busy I have forgotten to bring along my camera, but that’s okay because I can easily recap what’s been going on in our lives. Here goes…Daddy travelling for work and Mommy entertaining Miguel and William during this never ending record breaking heat wave of a summer Dallas is having.

After much deliberation, William is starting pre-school tomorrow. He will go to a different school than Miguel (who doesn’t start until the Tues after Labor Day…kill. me. now.) because he is not old enough. William has come out of his shell the past few months, and along with being healthy for the first time in his life (thank you, Lord) he is quite the smarty pants. He knows all his uppercase and lowercase letters, all the letter sounds, counts to 30, uses his manners, gives the best kisses and hugs, and has zero interest in peeing in the potty. (ha!)

I can’t believe William is old enough to start pre-school (my baby!) yet I am happy for him to have something that is his own. I know he will do just fine.

A few random photos from my cell phone: