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Miguel and William certainly have mastered the art of mess making. Unfortunately, they have ZERO desire to master the art of cleaning up. William’s new favorite thing is to open the toy cabinets, wait for me to walk out of the living room, and while he is dumping the toys onto the floor holler at me “I is dumping!” It was cute the first time, not so much any more. This is what the house looks like when the Cleaning Fairy doesn’t show up for one night. Bet you can’t guess what I’m off to do…

Big Mess 006

Big Mess 005

Big Mess 002

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I survived the very long and very hot summer (although this week we are seeing 100+ temps again) with the boys. We spent lots of time at the pool, watching movies, going to swim lessons each day, camps, visiting various indoor (thus, air conditioned) places in search of entertainment, and in general destroying the house with playdoh, paint, and toys. We also spent time in Baton Rouge, and on vacation in St. Kitts.

The beginning of the school year also marks the beginning of LSU football season and fall, which is probably my favorite time of year. It is unfortunate we live in Dallas and don’t get to go to the LSU football games each weekend. As a child, teenager, and college student, it was the highlight of the week. I really miss sharing the tailgating experience and games with Miguel and William like I did with my parents and brother.

My husband (stupidly, I might add) asked me the other day what I was going to do with all my free time now that Miguel is in school each morning and William is in school two days a week. He’s lucky he survived without being punched in the face. Free time…what’s that? Oh, you mean the 6 (SIX!) hours a week I have without either of the boys. Ha!

In all that “free time” I have, I have volunteered to chair the auction at Miguel’s school as well coordinate other fundraisers, volunteers, and the teacher appreciation committee. If I didn’t enjoy being involved, I wouldn’t do it, and I like being involved in my children's schools.

In addition to school, Miguel is taking a karate class once a week, and William is taking a Mommy and me art class as well as a gym class. I’m squeezing in working out each day, book club once a month, doctors appointments that have been neglected too long, and all the stuff that goes along with being a wife to a traveling workaholic and mother. It’s a fun crazy life!

Update on Miguel’s health: His platelets are normal. Not much else to report…he’s one lucky guy.

Some random photos….


Teacher gifts for the first day of school. 2 liter bottle stuffed with candy, a notepad, pens, pencils, hand sanitizer, popcorn, cheese crackers, and Crystal Light on the go packets. The card said…bottled especially for (teacher’s name) by the Miguel Wood Bottling Company.


An in progress photo of LSU cake balls. They were dipped in milk chocolate and some in white chocolate.


Gorgeous strawberries waiting to be dipped in milk chocolate.


Sweet Miss Lisa, who is more than likely going to kill me for posting a photo of her, but I can’t resist. She is a wonderful friend to me, and adores the boys. We love Miss Lisa!

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Miguel is 4 1/2 years old, and started his PreK 4 year of school at The Science School last week. Miguel is an amazing techie. He adores technology, and one of his favorite outings to the Apple Store much to Daddy’s chagrin. He asks me everyday for an iPad 2, and has learned all of my complex passwords for my phone, laptop, and who knows what else. Miguel likes to have both feet firmly planted on the ground. He adores music, read along books with CD, his Leapster Explorer, and Angry Birds. He is a busy body, and if I don’t keep my eyes on him at all times he can be found drawing on the kitchen cabinets or himself, digging in drawers, or just plain getting into things he shouldn’t be. Miguel is inquisitive, and never stops asking why? what? where? when?, which can be quite exhausting for me. I adore that he still lets me smooch all over him, and loves to cuddle with me.

Photos are from Miguel’s first day of Prek 4.


Ms. Doris, the lead teacher of Miguel’s class




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William, who also answers to Yum Yums, is one month shy of turning three years old. He is quite the chatter box, and not much gets past William. He adores cars, trucks, and fire trucks. He especially loves his Dinoco car and Mack truck from the movie Cars. He entertains himself with racing cars across the living room, building train tracks for his Thomas trains, and building Lego towers. Honey, his lovey, is his constant companion as well as blue blanket. He enjoys going to school two times a week, and his gym class at The Little Gym. William has incredible manners, a silly fearless  personality, and likes to get his groove on to any kind of music. He prefers meat and potatoes, and will only eat fruit if it is hidden in his food. And, probably my favorite…he is a Mommy’s boy!

All the photos were taken in St. Kitts in August.

St. Kitts August 2011 369

St. Kitts August 2011 336

St. Kitts August 2011 222

St. Kitts August 2011 091

St. Kitts August 2011 060

St. Kitts August 2011 051