Posted by Cara on 2/8/2012 1:16 PM | Comments (0)

Quick recap:

Christmas in Baton Rouge was great!

Miguel turned 5 years old and had a his first friend was a huge blowout! (my FB account has photos)

Miguel painted his birthday canvas

Husband is working from home (lord, help me) now

Because husband is working from home, the guest bedroom no longer exists, the office is now in there, the old office is now the boys’ playroom, the guest bed is now in the boys’ bedroom and a twin bed is in the hallway on the 3rd floor.

Many closets have been re-organized and I’m planning a mega trip to my happy place (The Container Store) very soon

I got my first ear infection with ruptured ear drum in MANY years. I still can’t hear out of my ear. It hurts.

William and Miguel have caught the dreaded crud. Both sound like 50 year chain smokers.

In the past two weeks, I’ve given countless breathing treatments and spent way too much time and money at CVS.

I’ve become an activist for early childhood education. Save The Science School!

I’m already freaking out about Miguel going to Kindergarten in the fall. Pass the Xanax, please. But first I need to survive the application process…again, pass the Xanax.

But in all that “fun” I’m grateful for snuggles with my boys, hiring a cleaning service to help me out (knowing when to scream “uncle”), my Keurig coffee maker, sweet neighbors and friends who check in on us, restaurants with to go service, and a husband who is very slowly learning (it’s been 14 years…he’s a very very very very slow learner) to say “yes, dear” sometimes (it might be another 14 years before it is all the time).