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In keeping with the tradition of painting a birthday canvas, William created his masterpiece a couple of weeks ago. William goes to art class once a week at Art Stop, and enjoys having a creative outlet for expressing himself. I am very happy he has ceased using my kitchen cabinets as his preferred medium.

The only direction I ever give the boys when they are getting ready to paint their birthday canvas is to have fun and paint whatever you want or is important to you. William was very detailed in his directives to me on what colors paint he wanted. He worked diligently for close to 30 minutes experimenting with mixing colors and blending on his canvas.

Once he said he was done, I asked him to tell me about his artwork. He looked at me and said, “It’s William’s art. I am done.”





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Miguel and William had originally wanted to be ketchup and mustard bottles for Halloween this year, but they ended up choosing Scooby (Miguel) and Buzz (William). We had a great time trick or treating with friends in their neighborhood, and the boys came away with way too much chocolate. 012